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Bags for carrying dogs

Bags for dogs - practical thing.Its main purpose - to make easy the transport of animals.Moreover, user-friendly both for dogs and for its owner.The dog gets the best possible comfort and safety, and the owner - frees his hands.This will give you both more freedom - in the sense that with the help of carrying you can take your dog to where the entrance without this accessory dogs prohibited.And you do not have to worry for the safety of the animal, left, for example, attached at the entrance to the supermarket.It is also important that, in the bag, your dog will not be able to contact anyone other than the owner, that is. E., You will be relieved of her conflicts both with other dogs and with people.

By choosing to carry the dogs need to be taken very carefully.After all, how well you pick it for your pet, it depends not only on the comfort of your joint move somewhere, but also the health and safety of your dog.

First we need to assess the design and quality of the bag.t. e. - size, shape, presence o

f an element such as a lateral opening (window) for air and T. d.

size is defined as the size of the animal and its character and habits.Very calm dog can be placed in a small bag.For a dog restless, or accustomed to move a lot, prone to be nervous or in a confined space - require slightly larger bag.But in any case, your pet must be able to lie down properly (fully stretched legs!), Free-standing, it is easy to turn, is in the bag.In case you plan to use the bag for air travel with your pet - do not forget to clarify what is required of the airline to the size and design of bags for dogs.Some airlines have restrictions on the size of the bag (for example, 50 cm in length), others do not consider this important point.If you do not plan to go on a flight with a dog - when you select the size of the bag is guided only by the size of the animal.However, we must not forget that if a dog is much easier in a large bag, the owner, on the contrary, will be more convenient to use the bag as small as possible - so that will still have to seek a compromise.

Besides dimensions, great value has a maximum weight of the animal, which is designed bag.Do not forget to specify this option if you do not want to bag a collapsed or ceased to be safe.

side window is absolutely necessary in order for the animal to get as much air.Typically, the window is closed by a special net that the dog could not get out through it.But in some bags provided an opportunity to fully open it - to the pet was able to put out a muzzle.

bottom of the bag should be tough enough to not deform when used not to break and bend unnecessarily.It is necessary to put the bag on the ground, on various surfaces, and the inside will move animal.But we must not forget that the dog should be comfortable to lie in.

sure to vote belts and buckles bag.Traditionally, the most comfortable clasp - "lightning".It lets you quickly and easily how to open and close the bag.But sometimes (usually for decorative purposes), use other types of fasteners - you can find bags for dogs, fastening buttons, hooks or buttons.The belts must be made in the same way as in any other convenient bag they must be well secured to the bag, be strong, broad, and preferably so that you can adjust their length.

material from which the bag is made, may be different.As a rule, carry bags made of imitation leather or special fabric (textile).Use and combination with natural leather and fur (although many manufacturers do not believe the correct use of natural materials of animal origin for the production of accessories for pets).For light bags used in the summer, the most important thing - to use the material, air-permeable.For winter

options need more dense materials (sometimes in multiple layers) can protect your pet from the cold and bad weather.Most often, for winter and summer bags used textiles - it is better to allow air to pass in the summer, better behaved in the cold winter.But in spring and autumn is much more practical to use bags made of imitation leather.They seem to tolerate rainy weather, it is easier to clean and wash.It is desirable, of course, choose a high-quality artificial leather - it longer will withstand bad weather, as well as lower the rustle or creak, t. E. Less than irritate your pet.The inside of the bag should be made taking into account the fact that the pet may be not only sit, lie or stand in a bag, but it will try to chew or scratch.And the material must be strong enough to withstand the long teeth and claws of a dog.Some elements of the bag (sometimes - upper part) can be made entirely from mesh fabric.This will give you the opportunity to observe your dog being in the bag.

The bag may be provided additional elements.For example, a carabiner to clip the animal's collar, pocket (or more) on the outside in order to have on hand the necessary stuff, tag for information about the origin and pet owner.

important factor for the one who chooses the bag can be and its price.Of course, the bag from simpler materials and a simple design and the cost will be cheaper.The main thing - to make sure that for the sake of Finance does not have to sacrifice convenience and safety.

Now that you know all about the bags and carrying dog.Go for a fashion accessory!