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How to teach a cat to go to the potty?

If the kitten was born at home, the owners are not engaged in the question of how to train cats to go to the potty.The fact is that if the cat is accustomed to the toilet, then she learned to walk there and her kittens that were to imitate.

Another thing, if your family has replenished SEAL-baby.It should be remembered that the change in the situation he is lost orientation in space.Crumbs while experiencing due to the fact that my mother is not around.So for them to learn to potty is an insurmountable obstacle, and it is important to teach him to do so.

Before starting to teach a cat to walk on a pot, you need to remember their behavior in nature, because of conditioned reflexes in them yet, but instincts are paramount.Remember the children: "Good to be cat, good dog!Foot dug hole, put kakashechku and do not wipe bumazhechki ass "?As for the toilet, in cats have an instinct to dig a hole.Even cats are accustomed to have their own go on the potty without any funds still scratching the floor in the bat

hroom, as if digging in their small (or large) business.

Firstly, you can play with the cat with his own instinct: to put on the bottom of the pot a little bit of sand.Earth is better not to pour - razmoknet and dirty your pet's feet, though it is possible to throw a pinch (as an alternative to - blue clay) - the smell they like it, they feel the spirit of nature.(Kotov attracts the smell of the earth, so be on the alert if the flowers are growing and if you keep at home vegetables).Over time, you can reduce the dosage of sand and the cat eventually it is not needed.

At the initial stage it is not always suitable for the pot dry powder mixture, which is sold in the store.It is designed to mask the odor, so the cat can be confusing element and not act like sand.As for sawdust, the sharp particles can damage the soft pads of paws.When a cat learns to walk in the right place, you can use selikagelevym filler.He although more expensive than others, but does not form small particles that can drag on for legs and did not have to be changed frequently - only a few times a week.There are craftsmen that have managed to teach a cat to go to the toilet.But be aware that this option is not very hygienic especially to humans.

Do not scold kitten poking snout done in a puddle - he does not understand you as you would like.On the contrary - will train harder: it most likely just make the cat afraid of your gestures, scream, and knowing that the cat vindictive, you do not get away with it.Be patient, like a little baby.It may take a few weeks before he learns how to behave.Instead, complaints take on some of his urine cloth and put it in a pot.Cats find their place smell.Therefore, the place where he went on, "slip", you zamyt, clean up, so he did not hear and did not return to it.In this regard, there are recommendations to pour instead of sand the pieces of paper in the tray: paper absorbs the smell of a cat, and the cat is back in the right place.

If you see that the cat took the proper posture or began to make the conditioned tunnel, you need to immediately transfer it to the pot.If you can crank out an operation to give him a reward for something tasty.But if he had already done, it is still classified, to show where it is necessary, but do not criticize, but rather pat and talk.Otherwise it have association: toilet - a place where abused, and he will not voluntarily go there anymore.

One of the "recipes", how to potty train a pet, moving it from the pot place "crimes" to the desired literally centimeters.Zhivotinku thus should follow you.This, of course, tedious, but clear and understandable.

In the future, if you do not want to fill the pot filler and at the same time you will not have time to clean it frequently, and the smell starts to irritate, remember: vinegar perfectly removes odors.Just a couple of tablespoons of vinegar in the usual washed the pot will help you forget about this problem.Yet once a day to release him from the liquid still have.Vinegar can and wipe the surface, which has suffered from kotyachih "misses."

important to remember that even potty training a cat can do the dirty work in the wrong place.This does not mean that he forgot where to go, so the cats express their protest, resentment.Also, the cat will not go to pot if it is not in a convenient location (better to put it in a dark corner), or smells bad, or if it is rarely cleaned.There are cats with character - twice in one do not go, and there are such that no matter how hard you try, but by and large will go just next to the tray.

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