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How to properly care for an aquarium at home

So, what to do and how to properly care for an aquarium at home?For starters, always pour into the aquarium only to defend the water.Before you decide how much time you need to defend the water, find out what you have and what kind of fish the water suits them.For example, some water, to defend the day considered to be too fresh.But, on average, properly to defend the water for about two or three days.Then it becomes optimal for the inhabitants of the aquarium.Also, you can not defend the water for so long.In order to bring it to normal at home, you need to warm up the water to seventy degrees, then cool.Thus, it loses too much oxygen, which harms fish.After you've spent a preventive cleaning aquarium correctly will not change the water often.It is necessary to fill in the purified water in small portions and only after you clean the bottom.In the care of the aquarium water should be changed about once a week, with should be updated only one third of the volume.There are also those types of fish that ar

e used to different conditions and it is difficult going through the change of water in principle.Such fish are changing only one-fifth the volume of water.

If water with careful care of the aquarium begins to thicken, it is not necessary to panic prematurely.In fact, the reason for such changes in the home can not be a bacterium, as you are likely to think, but only remnants of dry food.To fishes was comfortable, just remove debris and stop for a while to feed their pets this type of food.If after a while the water is cleaner and brighter, and, moreover, will start to smell unpleasant, then you will have to conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the tank.Of course, the fish must be on time to relocate to another container, and can be put into the aquarium daphnia, which perfectly cleans the water.

To fish lived in a comfortable environment, you need to monitor the condition of the aquarium.If you understand that the tank had outlived his own, purchase a new one.After the purchase is necessary to wash the tank.For this purpose, several days, change it in water at room temperature, once for two or three days.So you fully adapt the plastic or glass to the water.After you change the water several times, you can go to sleep at the bottom of the earth and plant a variety of plants.But when the algae are planted, do not immediately release the fish in the aquarium.It is necessary to wait a week to plants have taken root on the bottom.If you notice that the soil slёzhivaetsya, you need to replace it, so that later he did not violate the metabolism of the aquarium.If this happens, how can die microflora aquarium and fish themselves.For this reason, you should not be used as a ground fine sand.

Populating the fish in the aquarium - it's not so simple as it might seem at first glance.To colonization took place without stress, you need to know what behavior is and what character have a particular type of fish.Therefore it is best to choose fish that live in the wild in the same ecological environment.Never selite together species that need different water temperature.In this case, only to survive the kind that would be more comfortable in this climate, and the other - will die.

If you purchase a new kind of fish hooked and want it to have living, also need to comply with certain rules.Never should immediately send new tenants to the overall body of water.The fact that they can not come together banal nature of those who have lived there for a long time.So before you start a new type of pet, you need to read the literature and determine which fish are best get along with those who already lives in your tank.But even if you have not read the books, you still have at least a few signs, which can immediately determine whether or not fish get along.First, they get along well with those species that have a similar color.In addition, they must have about the same.

But be that as fish are not suited to each other in nature, not in a hurry to send them to a common aquarium.You have to wait at least a month before you do it.Sometimes it is necessary to wait for three months.So you need to do not only because the fish can not make friends right away.There are also more pragmatic reasons.It's just that fish may be any disease, they will infect the entire aquarium, or they will be microorganisms that do not coincide with the medium in the tank with your pets.Most often this happens with tropical fish, which are brought for sale directly from the wild.

To feel comfortable fish in the aquarium, you must be sure to install it in the aerator.This device is used in order to properly supply air into the tank.It should be noted that the air in the tank should do at least eight hours a day.If the aerator is working around the clock or at least twelve o'clock of twenty-four, then in the aquarium can live in one and a half times more fish than the required norm.By the way, if you do not know the allowed number of fish in the aquarium is calculated as one liter of water per centimeter fish.

Aquarium fish - this is a very beautiful creatures, which can decorate absolutely any apartment.The main thing is to know how to handle them, and not to run their home.If you constantly monitor the cleanliness of the tank, at the time of supplying air and change the water, as well as feed the fish appropriate food, for many years they will please your eyes with its beautiful views and interesting behavior.

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