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How to make the cat get along with the dog

Such an expression, "living like cat and dog" coined very reason.After all, according to many people, it is between these animals have absolutely no innate sympathy for each other.But zoologists in it does not believe and argue that the hostility between cat and dog, as such, not at all.An example of this can become a banal story about how the kitten and puppy grown up and became thick as thieves.And, most interestingly, this story is not found in a single case.So, of course, it is best to get along with the puppy cat, bring them together since childhood.But, as if the puppy has become a new member of the family, when the cat has long "reign" in the house.What then?Let us together with you will make sure that the cat get along with the dog.

According to zoologists of the same, if you have decided to bring a puppy into the house, already having an adult cat, you do not have much to worry about this.Just an adult cat is often able to take a new "tenant".Cat, who has not quite young, may well live with ju

st brought your dog.So you can safely try their "shares,".Even the best option in this situation, it appears, if you have a cat.It is the cat may develop "mother" feelings for puppies and it will take for his own education, suffering all his pranks and active impulses to the game.

On the first day, when the animal is familiar with each other, it is best to hold the puppy using a leash or just do not let go.This must be done so that the dog did not jump on the cat, but all did not work or vice versa.Much also depends on the nature of the cat, which, incidentally, is required to be taken into account.After all, cats are like people, very bad, quiet, or vice versa, or moving too cute and very affectionate.So in order to get along with the puppy cat, try to pick up the puppy by the nature of the cat.If animals are to impress each other, whether it is confident that their introduction will take a hundred of the positive significance of the scale of morals.

Remember that the dominant interest in getting acquainted with the dog must come directly from the cat is.Côte itself should try to make contact with a new friend.So stick your puppy in a basket cat or vice versa, is not necessary.Forcing you will achieve nothing and will only aggravate the process of habituation of animals.The end result is, they just start to be afraid of each other, but it's absolutely not fit you.By the way, never let the "new tenant", namely the dog to cross all limits and break the rules to comply with even your cat.You are probably now thinking still that make the animals get along - this is an impossible task.But we will dispel your doubts, saying that nothing unbearable here.The main thing, do not worry!Try the first time, namely about two weeks, and even more not to leave the cat and dog together unattended.You go to the store - grab your puppy for a walk, going for - leave someone at home to look after the animals.This is all done because of the fact that you can never predict a sharp quarrel between a cat and a dog that is very noticeable cool their relationship in the future.By the way, is important in understanding between animal advocates that you need not allocate a cat or dog as a "pet."After all, paying attention to one, you, however unwittingly, deprived of another, which may also generate resentment among the animals to each other.Remember that animals do not differ much from the people, so the human qualities such as jealousy and resentment they are inherent to the full meaning of these words.So, take care of a puppy and a cat on equal terms, without singling out the best of them and, most importantly, once again do not encourage any of the four-legged friends.Your puppy needs to be constantly in the field of your attention.See that he had not eaten a bowl of cat is not sleeping on his favorite or a specially designated place and drank his water.

huge and significant advantage in this situation appears that little puppy always feels a noticeable shyness before an adult cat.That may very well affect the process of "habitation" of their place in the apartment.By the way, the place, if you really let himself go much puppy and puts the cat in any frame, show who's really the owner of the puppy and declare his place.While it will not make your cat.

To get along with puppy Kitten, you also need to think about the "separation" power.Remember that dogs are not supposed to eat the cat from the same bowl.This can lead to the inevitable and protracted conflict.Try to be sure to make each one of your pets has its own individual bowl for food and water.It is best to put the bowl is not very close to each other.By the way, always at the same time feed both animals.Besides all this, you need to take pets to sleep some place and equip them.After completely worthless if the puppy will continue to sleep in the cat basket.Although, of course, no one does not exclude the option that both animals prigrevshis will sleep together.

And so it looks basic tips for cat and dog get along.By the way, these tips can be followed in the event that you are having a dog at home, brought the cat.Remember, your pet is not aggressive, the easier it is to get along with a new friend.Good luck to you!

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