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How to properly care for chinchillas

Aviary for chinchilla correct place where the temperature is constantly changing, and you can ventilate the room so that the air does not stagnate.Make sure that the animal is not froze in winter.If the room where his cage, cold enough to need to buy a chinchilla cage, which will be heated.In addition, the chinchilla should have a stone or wooden house, chipped insulation inside, when you keep the whole farm.Winter shaded most of the time it will hold, because severe frosts the animal becomes lethargic and inactive.

To keep a small animal home cage is ideal.It is only necessary to properly clean and clean it, or chinchilla will not normally rest, that will be reflected on her psyche.

Place cage away from windows on the sunny side and heaters.The distance between them and the cage should be at least five centimeters.It is not necessary to put a cage with chinchillas in the bedroom.The fact that these animals are nocturnal and they will bother you to sleep.To you it was easy to take care of the animals

and clean up after them, buy a cage with a sliding tray and the floor.The pallet or floor must be a metal or plastic sheet or metal mesh with a mesh size 0, 7 cm.The smallest cell, which can be purchased for chinchillas should have the following parameters: 50h60h50 centimeters.You can take and higher cells, but, still, the height should not exceed one meter.The fact is that if the chinchilla fall from a great height enough, it can break.Before populate chinchilla cage, it is necessary to properly prepare and equip.To do this, wooden shelves, water bowl, water bowl and a feeder for hay.You can also make a house for chinchillas directly into the cell.Only, in any case, do not purchase a plastic house.A cut that have such a dwelling animal should not be ground.If you wish, you can not buy a cage, and order.The cell, made to order, is convenient because the master makes it so that the maximum ease of operation but also equips it with all devices that are needed for a chinchilla.If you decide to have two chinchillas once, buy a cell that is twice as large in width than the one you buy for one animal.In chinchillas should be a place to turn around.

Of course, the cells can produce and own, but there are many restrictions.For example, for the construction of the cells in any case can not use plastic, damp and resinous wood, chipboard, MDF, oak, elder, artificial stone, adhesives, sealants, plastics, foam and natural fabrics that are easy to break down into fibers.So, as you can see, it is easier to buy a cage for the animal and to be absolutely sure that there will be convenient for him and did not become a threat to his life.

At the bottom of the cells need to fill dry and wet chips of alder and beech, but also to add to them the sawdust.Part of this mixture should be changed every day.In addition, once a week is necessary to get rid of the old flooring and pour a new one.Kushan chinchilla from feeders.It is best to choose those that are made of clay or glass.The height of the trough should be about five or six centimeters.It is desirable that it narrows slightly upward.Thus, the chinchilla will not spill the excess feed and translate it.Drinkers should have a capacity of one hundred and fifty milliliters and attached to the outside of the cell to the special screw or a conventional wire.Also, if you want to properly care for their animals, do not forget to give him an opportunity to take a sand or dust bath.In the wild chinchilla takes a bath every day to get rid of dirt and dead hair.When a small animal lives in your apartment, arrange him a bath at least twice a week.And always remember that chinchillas bathe in water, is strictly forbidden.

Therefore, once or twice a week, put in a cage for bathing tub filled with sand.This is best done in the evening, when the animal becomes active.By the way, if the chinchilla refuses to bathe, take a look at it carefully, it might be sick.

have chinchillas have to be special items for the grinding of the teeth.These include chinchilla pumice, wood or cardboard sticks.If you want your animal was not very boring in the cage, try to do it for a variety of toys: Herbal nest ceramic tube with several holes, wooden ladders, ladders for running.Let your little animal fun, or it can be sad by sedentary life and loneliness.

When you spend cleaning the cells, always remember that for washing home chinchillas in any case can not use regular detergents, powders and the like.The animal can poison residues of chemical elements.Therefore, cleaning can only be used special shampoos for rodents.

And finally, every day, at least for half an hour, release your pet to run and jump around the apartment.Let him razomnёt muscles and little pobudet free.