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What immunizations are required pet?

If your pedigree dog pereboleet dangerous virus, then his dog's career is already possible to put a cross.After undergoing the plague, most dogs simply loses its flair.Any dog ​​owner or a hunter will determine the quality of a dog's instinct, she was sick in my life plague or not.

How could cause contamination?
Often pets are infected with diseases, dealing with street animals.This romantic sniffing may result in failure for them.Even if your pet does not leave the house on her balcony, for him it is not a guarantee of a quiet life.Disease can be brought into the house on their shoes.No one can guarantee that will not bring a sick animal urine, stepping on her street.Cat or dog will be enough to sniff or lick your shoes, so he could catch a deadly virus.Therefore, the domestic cats that live at home, it is necessary to be vaccinated.

When you need to be vaccinated?
It is not necessary to torment your pet numerous injections.Current vaccines may protect against disease 3 or 5.If they are done righ

t and on time, they will be safe.

But first make sure that your kitten or puppy is healthy.The first vaccine makes the animal at 6 or 8 weeks.Next - it is done in 3 weeks, and is called a booster.It is a repetition of the first vaccination, as strengthens and reinforces the protective effect of vaccination 1.Then your animal has a 3 months will be protected from all deadly diseases.

Action vaccinations based on the fact that your animal is introduced attenuated virus.It can not cause disease, but only activates the immune system.When an animal vaccinated, it must be put into quarantine.That is, it can not walk their and not allow it for 10-14 weeks of contact with relatives.

If there was a dog in the house, it should not be immediately carry the vaccine.After all, she had at that time and so a lot of stress, which appears in any animal that changes the situation, and especially in young.He needs to get used to the new owners and get used to the new situation.

Do I need to be vaccinated or to contact your veterinarian?
Some owners vaccinations at home independently, but veterinarians do not recommend doing this.After the vaccine, which is bought at the store, can be fake and severely hurt your animal, or simply kill him.The animals should be immunized.In addition, when the vaccination in the passport of the animal makes it necessary to record the dates and printing.You will not be able to do so, moreover, in the future there may be problems associated with the transport of animals on a train or in an airplane, or when you want to attach your pet at the time of his departure.In addition, if you are going with him to go abroad, you need to take care that the animals have been vaccinated against peritonitis, leukemia, chlamydia, as required by the veterinary legislation in different countries.

Now you know what vaccinations are needed pet.Watch out for pets and do not forget to do them the necessary vaccinations, because they needed a pet that does not hurt your pets.