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Beautiful furry animal chinchilla

Buy chinchilla were not working.Classified ads with full Internet access.They are sold on the poultry market.But when buying more carefully observe the animals.Furry animal must be agile, energetic, with bright shining eyes.Coat a healthy chinchilla should be shining without tear scraps and bald patches.Pay close attention to the ears to be without dandruff, dirt, crusts.The nose should always be dry, and the tail - twisted up.These are signs of a healthy individual.

to a beautiful animal to feel comfortable, will have to spend even a large cell size of about 1 cubic meter.And a whole bunch of additional equipment on pumice for grinding of teeth on the wheel for jogging, wooden toys, water bottle, with hay Sennitsy, shelves board, hammock, litter box, a house, to be able to hide and so on. D. AWhat did you want?Chinchilla - an expensive animal.If you do not mind the money to buy it, ensure it resort accommodation and leisure.And animal will thank you for it flowering species and sweet temper.And you'll

be proud to show his envious friends.

Chinchilla The animal - an animal herbivore.The basis of their diet should be seeds of oilseeds, pulses, cereals.Sometimes they served birch twigs, dried apples, fresh grass, carrots, apricots.You can buy special food at the pet store.The day is about to leave a couple of tablespoons of food at a chinchilla.

Like most pets, chinchilla bathing needs.And three times a week.But the difference is that chinchillas bathe in water is not recommended .They will often get cold water treatments and die.Bathe in the chinchilla sand ... special!It is sold in pet stores.

should take a responsible approach to the choice of location for the cell.It can not be placed in a draft or in direct bright sunlight.Also note that the chinchilla is awake at night and often annoyingly noisy.Therefore, bedrooms and children's rooms - not the best place for them.

plus keep fluffy chinchillas in the house:

- they are beautiful, aesthetic, cause positive emotions, a refuge from the stress;

- they are tiny, little to eat, perfect for a small apartment;

- they do not need to walk, they walk in the large and in malenklmu tray;

- fun to play with them, they are trainable, suitable for children;

- they do not have a pronounced odor, suitable for people with allergies to dog and cat hairs.

Disadvantages of home detention chinchillas:

- chinchilla much sleep;

- they will not be faithfully look into the eyes, the dogs, and do not subside on their knees curled up like a cat;

- need to be properly organized living space;

- they are not cheap in the content;

- Chinchilla - rodent with appropriate consequences.

plant chinchilla, know that it is a long time and seriously.With a beautiful furry animal chinchilla can live side by side 15 years they - centenarians among rodents.In adulthood, "fattening" of up to 700 grams.

Chinchilla - a very nice, beautiful animal.Especially love their children.It is difficult to resist and do not pet the fluffy "mehovichka."Care chinchilla brings the children a sense of responsibility and demonstrates the value of life in any form.Chinchilla will bring to the house of joy, positive mood and exotic flavor.

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