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How to persuade a guy to have a pet

To persuade the guy start a pet, you need to understand his reluctance lies in dislike for animals or for that there are other reasons.Ask a guy what exactly it prevents the pet and ask to give you a clear and reasoned answer.Depending on what he says, you can plan how to persuade him to have a pet that you want.

reasons and options can be set.The most obvious of them - a guy allergy.The problem really is often the reason why man does not want to have a pet at home.Still a young man can be persuaded.You just need to choose an animal that it will withstand even aching allergy.The most common causes unpleasant sensations hair cats.In this case, we can offer the type of breed a sphinx.These cats may not look as beautiful as fluffy Persians, but they do not cause allergic reactions.Of course, many girls like pussies, but you also want to be in the house was an animal that loves you, and the way it looks - it's not so important.

Another compelling reason for a guy can become your employment.Perhaps he did

not want to take the animal into the house for the reason that you have no time for them to be clean and to walk.If you often go, then no one will feed and follow him.In this case, in order to persuade him, to convince the young man that you will be able to assume full responsibility for the pet.And you really must fulfill his promise.So, before you get a cat or a dog, decide whether you can ever clean up, to walk, to monitor the animals.If the cat is not a troublesome pet, the dog will have to suffer.Remember that you have to get up early and walk the dog, and after work, rather than rest, you'll have to go for a walk again.Your guy is likely well aware of this, and therefore opposes animal in your home.He does not want to deal with it, but does not want the animal to suffer.Therefore, the cat or the dog will have only if you can convince him and prove that he is fully responsible man who will not leave the animal to fend for themselves.And if you leave, then you always find someone who can devote time to the animal that it is not bored, feed him, clean up after them and even walk.If you also once promised my mother, but then did not do anything, do not hope that this issue will be held with the young man.Women are simply more attached to the animal, but with men it happens infrequently.Therefore, if you do not keep track of your pet, most likely, it simply will be on the street.To avoid exposing of innocent animals in such abuse, it is better to give up the idea.

If the guy just does not love animals, then you need to gradually instill in him a sense of affection for him.In fact, even if not all the animals, but some of them always evoke a feeling of tenderness in any person.Pay attention to any animals guy responds best, and then try as often as possible to organize his contact with such animals.Just do not have to carry home a kitten or puppy and categorically declare that he will live with you.This will lead to the scandal, and the animal is likely to be on the street.Act wise.When you come to your friends, draws attention to their pets, try to make sure that the guy took the cat in his arms and stroked the dog.In addition, to show him how much you miss home kotёnochka or puppy and what you'll be happy, if he will.If you walk, as if in passing, go to the bird market.Little touches all animals.Looking at them, talk about how you dream that this appeared in your house and how much joy it will bring.Over time, the young man begins to think about the fact he was against it, so that your home came fluffy ball.Most likely, it may take a little time, and he decides to give you a pleasant and resolve that you lived animal.

But if a guy is still completely refuses to take a cat or a dog, then try to solve the case a compromise.There are also other animals that can be kept at home, but they do not require special care.These include mice, hamsters and chinchillas.The animal will never disturb you, but you will know that the house has something alive, soft and fluffy.Of course, the mouse - this is not the cat, but it can be house trained, so that he will see you in the mistress, and even in his own love.In addition, the living creature in the house to help the guy get used to the animals, and eventually he would agree to that pet, which you wanted really.

main thing - not to turn this issue into a cause of scandal.Of course, you want an animal in the house and it's your right.But your guy has every right to not want to.Admit it, if you, for example, do not like bats, and your guy will try to persuade you that such little animals you live, you're too refuse.Naturally, we can say that the cat - it's not a bat.It is much better and more beautiful.But for someone it can be a mouse's favorite pet.That is why other people's opinions and wishes must be respected.And if a guy refuses to start an animal - still try to live with it.In the end, your relationship is more important than a cat or dog in the house.