Horoscope for twins born in the Year of the Tiger 2010

Love twins

From 24 August to 2 September.You feel a strong need for love and sex, and it is possible that familiarity with the future elect will take place at a party in friendly company.Often people go to and look around.At the same time the old relationship may be interrupted - of course, only if the relationship is exhausted, then for you it will release.September 2, be careful in communicating, keep emotions and show wisdom.From 3 to 12 September.In this decade there may be some obstacles or misunderstandings in the intimate sphere.Now is not the time for the proceedings, stay calm, be patient and turn your attention to other aspects of life.September 9-10, will be difficult to find a common language with a loved one, it is unfavorable days for a romantic encounter.After September 8th you finally get rid of that pulls you back to dot the "i" and with a light heart will go on.From 13 to 22 September.September 14 - a difficult day to clarify the serious issues in your relationship.Better make it

the 15th, just do not overdo it in the emotions.Interest in sex is still great, and although communication difficulties still remain, these days you will be able to resolve at least some of them.19 and 20 September dedicate spiritual matters of your relationship and the physical side, as a result, will improve.This month, you do not have to romance - love is more reminiscent of a serious work than a good time.Thoroughly prepare for a date, the most important - reliable walls, a general feeling of comfort and stability.

Family twins

Home affairs will require the full commitment from you, so be prepared to deal with the whole month resettlement housing, to build relationships with their families, to spend the evening with your family.Until September 13, you will not be easy to make contact with parents and other people in the household, as in this period is unlikely to take place the purchase and sale of the apartment (even if an agreement is reached, the likelihood of delays and obstacles).After September 13, things go faster, you will be able to solve all the problems associated with the house.September 8 possible adoption of some important decisions regarding home and family.Parenting is not an easy task for you, but you need to devote a lot of time and effort.

Health twins

first two weeks of follow cardiac function, pay attention to the vascular system.September can be a tempter - craving for pleasure and sweetness exceeds all reasonable limits.In mid-September, it is important to properly balance the physical activity, so as not to bring themselves to exhaustion and as a consequence - passivity.The last two weeks, try to avoid stress and mental overload.Shrimp god you calcium and protein and thus contain few calories.

Recreation twins

This month is very good to relax at home, you just need comfort and sturdy walls, behind which you can hide from the sea everyday problems.It is unlikely that you are planning a long journey, but if you suddenly decide it is good to start him on September 19-20.August 28 - a difficult day to chat with friends and visits to some public places.August 30-31 is best spent in solitude, give up music and noisy reception, dive into their inner world.Cinema in the large entertainment complex, where you will get the opportunity to see the latest movie and discuss it with your chosen one.

Money twins

continues not too successful period in relation to finance and career prospects.Who better to concentrate on the work itself, without thinking about its results.Necessary funds you will, but to postpone, to accumulate and multiply accumulated is not the time.Most likely, you will have to immediately spend on current needs.The period may be beneficial for training.It sure will bear fruit in the future.Success will develop in those cases.who work at home or engaged in real estate.Be sure to be precarious.The original model of phone, music player or any electronic novelty.

Love twins

He tries hard, because he has come to a very serious stage in love.Support him and your relationship will be strong and stable.Often happens in the company, interested in everything new, do not cook with in their own juice.

Tone twins

Despite all the difficulties of life, your partner feels good, and it comes from the attractive force.If you suddenly get worse health, make him lie down at home, surround with care and affection.Health measures, hardening, exercise is better to start 12 and 13 September.

Finance twins

Now is not the time when you need to build a financial base.Rather, the money will come only if your cute way to opt out of affection for them, feel free to spend, to make large bets in life.Risky, however, also need to wisely and in good times, but it will come only at the end of the month.

Jobs twins

But work at it enough.This stage can be called the preparation for the next leap when it is necessary to focus on current issues and not to put too global goals.Do not despair if you have any misunderstanding with his superiors or failure happens in your own business - it is temporary.

Friends twins

Connect with your friends intense and interesting.Especially great run social and community projects.Excellent and friendly parties will (except August 28-29).After September 15, the probability of joint work with the other.It is easy to communicate with the Virgin, complicated with Aries.

Leisure twins

Also remarkable meetings with friends, he can have a good rest at home.Plan to visit more often together in their nest.Go on a long journey on September 19-20.