Horoscope for 2010 for cancers, born in the Year of the Tiger

Love cancer

From 24 August to 2 September.This decade will be relatively quiet for your love relationships.You communicate a lot with the elect, and, in principle, everything is going to build a family (or strengthening of existing).However, possible complications Understanding this controversy mainly on the themes "flat" and "work," and the desire to dominate and impose its point of view to the partner.Difficult day-August 28 friendly - August 30th.From 3 to 12 September.Continued difficulty in many aspects of life at once, and this can adversely affect relationships.But, most likely, your partner will be able to support you and protect.Very difficult day - September 3, emotions can overwhelm the cup and splash, try not to touch their loved ones.But 11 and 12 September will be very favorable for the love and fun.From 13 to 22 September.13 September is also a good day for a romantic rendezvous.16 and 17 September a favorable emotional background can be used for an important conversation with a par

tner - most likely, you will be able to achieve the goal.Do not forget to listen to the other and to understand his point of view.September 19 may have some difficulties in private life, and the 20th will be easier to open up a whole new in this field.You can sit on the beach or the river - because in September, still warm, and everything reminds of the summer.And if the rain goes, hide together under the umbrella of such a walk to get closer you.Finish the evening should be certainly in a lovely house.

Family cancer

House is still the center of your attention.Emerging issues in this period should be addressed immediately by applying maximum effort.It is possible that you will have friends to help - most likely, they will often visit you at a party.Do not eliminated tensions with parents and other older relatives, differences may arise between them and your spouse.All this, of course, is not conducive to a good mood, but try not to take it personally.The most difficult days - 3 and 9 September.But relations with children are developing smoothly, and the joy of communicating with your child, especially September 12-15, can compensate for difficulties in other domestic matters.

Health cancer

your well-being will largely depend on the mood and the inner sense of self.During this period, you will be especially painful to respond to criticism from the destruction of your ideals and illusions, lack of attention to your opinion.All this can cause a variety of symptoms of physical ailments.Especially brightly this trend will begin to appear from 10 September.To avoid stress, try not to overwork.Recovery may take a very long time.Arm yourself with the necessary set of vitamins will help the apple diet.

Recreation cancer

Now more than ever you need a rest, and it is good if you can retire and disconnect from the hustle and bustle.It is especially important to do this on September 1-2, and the following two days, too, should be smaller for people to visit, you absolutely need "hothouse" conditions.Long trip plan is undesirable, especially on August 25, but if you decide to go on vacation, choose to start the journey on August 30-31.Short trips are also possible, try to choose a close at the weekend, are particularly suitable for this September 8-9.It is also important this month to pay the time to self-education, read more.Net forest lake, the water of which can be viewed in the mirror will show you your strengths, will return to its former energy and help cope with stress.

Money cancer

financial situation is quite stable.Much depends on the contacts that you start up this month with the right people.Also pay attention to advertising, marketing and all that will help you develop your business.It is likely that this month you will promise an increase (approximately August 27), but this is only the beginning, but a real result will appear in a few months.September 14 Take care of yourself and do not come into conflict with colleagues.August 28 set aside an important conversation with the boss.New books have been waiting for.Exquisite volume of lyric poetry will be a real gift to herself.

Love cancer

Everything is going well, even though he had some difficulty in communicating with you in building a relationship.For him, love - a great responsibility, which it on the shoulder, you only need time.He was ready for the decisive step.If it suits your desires, then support it, and you'll get responsive and devoted husband.

Tone cancer

cause for concern Cancer able to find from scratch.Hence the strange sickness when in general, reasonably good health.Difficult day - September 3 probable emotional overload.September 14 health may falter as a result of overload at work is rest.

Finance cancer

This month, the situation is safe.Good help make active communication, fortune throw him good deals, reliable customers, useful information.September 6-7, can make important purchases.For financial risk suit 19 and 20 September.

Jobs cancer

at work is not expected much trouble, except for the difficult day on September 14, when the possibility of disagreements with colleagues.Those who work with clients is to reduce the number of contacts on this day.The quarry is planned to increase, it can get a promising proposal, but its implementation will be far-away.

Friends cancer

This is a great time to invite friends over for a visit and to organize small celebrations.Lovely day for it - 30 and 31 August.It is easy to communicate with Aries and Taurus, is more difficult - with weights.

Leisure cancer

Make sure to September 1-2, he had a chance to rest from everyone, including you.This will determine its resistance to stress in the coming days.

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