Personal horoscope for Taurus in 2010

Love and Sex calf

From 22 to 30 September.It is time to show love and affection to his second half.September 22 - a good day for the resolution of matrimonial disputes, but do not take the initiative, it is fraught with disappointment.A good period for secret romantic meetings, you do not have to exert any effort - everything will be decided by itself.Wait another heart from afar - it is likely his return.September 24 - a good day for an intimate relationship.From 1 to 10 October.Good time for marriage for love and strengthen relations, all issues will be resolved in your favor, you only take the initiative.October 3 can get a choice between love and commitment to the beloved and freedom.October 6 and 7 - days of harmonious relationships around will be comfortable with you.From 11 to 22 October.The best solution - all his spare time and energy to devote to his personal life.October 15-16 - rely on fate, she decides positively in your favor.19 and 20 October - the time of understanding in relationshi

ps and marriage, you will be able to negotiate and resolve the many outstanding issues.Romantic date.Delicious food, soft drinks, soft touch, comfortable and warm atmosphere will make an appointment soft and pleasant, and your relationship will bring true harmony.

Family calf

September 22 do not rush to take the initiative in family matters into their own hands, the likelihood of falling out and frustrated.The last five days of September, pay attention to the affairs of your close relatives have to spend time and money to help them.Problems associated with homeownership, parents, relatives, will sharply to stand before you, until the solar eclipse on October 11.It will help you to decide "hung" problem.The end of the month will be more favorable.15 and 16 October dedicated to children.This is a great time for socializing, sharing creativity and entertainment.

Recreation calf

lunar eclipse of September 26 does for you the active scope of long-distance travel.Perhaps it will be a trip to an exotic country or a business trip abroad.Just do not go in the way the day of the eclipse, wait a little bit.On the day of the solar eclipse of October 11 and for three days after the visit, minimize on the road and transport use.Place of power.Nice Chinese restaurant in the cellar in the town center - a great place to eat well and recharge your batteries.

Work and Money calf

your financial affairs will finally on the mend, you will carry the main thing - stay generous and honest.September 22 is a good day for a living and shopping.September 23-24, competently plan costs, your wishes may not coincide with the financial possibilities.At work too, you expect success, difficulties temporarily recede, there is time for a break.The prolonged bad luck ends on September 28 finally you can relax freely build professional plans and projects for the future.Buying months.New computer, universal camera set of professional tools - now is the time to buy something that will help you to easily multiply your capital.

Love calf

your favorite takes the initiative, it is active and unpredictable.That jealousy, the rush of affection - he has surrounded himself with an aura of unpredictability.Common ideals and values ​​- an important aspect of the successful development of your relationship.In general, the time is favorable for love, he feels like a winner.

Tone calf

time to do health promotion favorite.Take a course of massage, revise diet give up bad habits.This will help restore his physical health.October 17 may see a slight indisposition, your chosen one is the load of unfinished business, help him, and your Taurus will again be in top form.

Finance calf

financial affairs of your beloved will go on the amendment.He expects a great success, with the proviso that he will play on fair rules.September 24 is not worth risking money.October 8-10 is better to refrain from unnecessary purchases, then it turns out they bought is not what they wanted.

Job calf

Your only can safely breathe string of bad luck at work and in his career was over for him.He can finally in the pleasure to work on their own creative project, and start making plans for the future.Relationship with superiors also improve.

Friends calf

not have a hundred rubles, and a hundred friends.They can help your career in a chosen one, however, have too high expectations of friends is not worth it.Auspicious day for friendly get-togethers - 2 October.

Leisure calf

trip abroad or study abroad - just what he needs.October 11th eclipse, persuade lover not to drive, walk somewhere safer.

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