Horoscope 2010 for Sagittarius born in the Year of the Tiger

Love and Sex Archer

From 22 to 30 September.Wind oveet romance and love your life.It starts a streak of light intensive partnership.However, the present course of events will happen in the coming year.If you are alone, now is a good time for dating.The decade will be filled with romance and emotions.September 24 Control your emotions, be objective.From 1 to 10 October.October 3 and 4, you will have a strong desire to love and be loved, but poubavte his ardor to not incinerate his temper chosen.Love is now becoming more important for you life purpose.October 8 possible disagreements with your partner, but the 9th - the auspicious day to communicate and establish harmony in feelings.C11 to 22 October.The solar eclipse on October 11 will affect your love life most directly.On the day of the eclipse, and two days later it is better not to enter into intimate contact, use this time to accumulate energy.If the sexual life is not full of mutual understanding with a partner, such relationships can now be di

scontinued.Romantic date.Rent a pre red sailing yacht and arrange a romantic walk along the sea coast.Salty cool wind, seagulls over your head and blinding sun will add fire and passion relations.

Family Archer

in your home and apartment starts affairs is not the best period.Not worth venturing transactions on purchase and sale, exchange apartments, possible to postpone the move.Protect friendly atmosphere in the house, do not swear with family.October 1 - a difficult day for family relationships, but the 2nd, you can relax, the guests, to make peace with those who have hurt you or someone you hooked.October 3 and 4, try to be objective in relation to the child.5th go along with the children for a walk, they arrange a holiday, avoid marital conflict.

Recreation Archer

It is possible that before October 10, you will be offered an interesting trip abroad, so you will be able to combine business with pleasure.After October 10 the possibility of long-distance travel is also saved, but as a vacation with your significant other.For short trips, too, it is a good time.Place of power.Sagittarius, a true lover of travel, to get to the tent for the weekend in the woods or on the river easy.Marching "home" will be as reliable as a shelter from bad weather and a place of protection from excess sunlight.

Work and Money Archer

This month you will be able to solve their financial problems.Particularly important in this respect will be the day of the lunar eclipse on 26 September.After that you will finally be able to solve the financial problems, however, prepare and work hard.If you have debts, but now they need to give;Try to lay your financial foundation without relying on someone else's help.Before October 10, your work will be creative, you will be able to realize their talents.After October 10 will have to devote more time to work.Buying months.New leather purse.Do not forget to put in there at once symbolic bill that attracted others.

Lyubov Archer

This month, your beloved a romantic mood, and increased interest in the affairs of love.It is set very seriously - it can casually hint that you - suitable candidate.The absence of his interest in sex - a temporary phenomenon.

Tone Archer

Overall health is good, but there may be problems that are hidden deep psychological reasons.You should not ignore them.On September 26, a lunar eclipse - a difficult day, pay attention to the whole body, let your faithful compliance with sparing diet, do not abuse alcohol.

Finance Archer

for male Sagittarius it is time to create for itself a solid material foundation, you can start your own business.Most likely, it will have to invest a lot of money, but they will pay off later.After the eclipse on October 11 to risk other people's money is not necessary, it is important to pay all the debts.

Operation Archer

is your favorite of this month will make a lot of effort for your career, and although it can expect some difficulties, he still will be able to realize all of what had long dreamed of.

Friends Archer

friendly relations will reign in perfect harmony, go to the meeting and invite guests to her quietly.Also this time, the revision of friendly relations.

Leisure Archer

'll have to travel a lot for business purposes, while at the same time it is great to have a rest away from home.Also useful for outdoor recreation and nature.September 22-23 to your dear need solitude and peace.

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