Horoscope for the new 2010 year for Pisces

Love and Sex fish

From 22 to 30 September.An important period for love.These days, at best, there is a final consolidation of your relationship ... In the worst - it could be the final cooling of the senses, but it does not give you trouble, because you already internally ready for such a development.From 1 to 10 October.October 2 you will be very emotional.Try to ensure that your sensitivity does not affect the relationship with the partner, because it is not excluded quarrel, resentment and misunderstanding.October 3 is also a difficult day, with a partner to present you the serious demands, something limiting your desires.All of this decade will be filled showdown, the balance of power and the division of responsibilities between you.From 11 to 22 October.The solar eclipse on October 11 will affect the scope of your love can break the connection that you already tired.Perhaps you are with your loved one will be taken to a new level of relations.October 15-16, you will try new ways to interact, tr

y while keeping emotions under control.October 17 unfavorable day for intimate relations.Romantic date.Cozy atmosphere, delicious food, beautifully decorated table, nice music, dim lights - in short, all the things that help you relax and allow occur tender feelings.

Family fish

in your home for a long time to establish a good "weather", a great time to establish good relations with relatives, tidying the home and receive visitors.Dedicate a home for the period from 22 to 25 September.October 9 to remind myself old problems related to home and family - solve them without postponing.The solar eclipse on October 11 will affect the relationship with the children, do not lose sight of their problems, in the future, it does not happen again.

Rest fish

Relax with your family, try to get somewhere with the family.September 22 you will pull in distant lands - go on vacation with your spouse.What matters is that in the journey you will enjoy a nice room, and in the campaign - a reliable tent.It is not necessary to plan for a romantic walk in the park, now is not the time.Place of power.Rest and inspiration you can find on the sunny shores of the warm sea, certainly filled with a wide range of wildlife - sea urchins, crabs, stars and cautious, hiding between the rocks.

Work and Money Fish

This month you received a proposal for promotion, and this will entail an increase in earnings.At work, accumulated a lot of minor cases, negotiations, correspondence and other outstanding issues.This is a good time for all those involved in marketing, trading, working with clients.29 September -3 October you may find yourself in a rather harsh conditions, you need to come to terms with the situation and safely perform the job assigned to you.Revenues will be considerable, but also the cost - related.Buying months.Buy a gift to your loved one - depending on the tastes and preferences of this may be a small accessory, pens or interesting book.

Love fish

his part observed cooling.Now he needs some freedom and independence, do not keep it near him.Let him talk to your friends - and he'll come back to you at the next turn of fate.

Tone fish

comes not the best time - the period fraught with decreasing energy, depression, doubt and worry.Support your loved one how much he will allow you to do it.Health promotion will help to beautiful things, harmony in the home and warm, tender feelings.

Finance fish

in his life began a period of great financial plans - to change the social status - promotion requires a corresponding change in the locker room and buy items that symbolize success.October 4 can safely spend on what you want.October 17 are not recommended financial risk, adventure and gambling.

Job fish

in career matters everything is fine, come substantial increase in pay.Everyday work is also be added - will have daily contact with lots of people to sign papers, to negotiate.

Friends fish

With friends he is now interesting to communicate, even though there may be some tension.With someone of his friends, he could start a joint project.Possible arrival of a friend from afar.The lunar eclipse of September 26 will bring some very important events connected with friends.It is easy to communicate with Aquarius and Leo, complicated with cancer.You can spend a few glorious days are on the beach with my boyfriend.You can spend the evening in the country with his family, combining outdoor activities with spiritual harmony.A good day for beginning a trip far - 22 of September.

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