Horoscope 2010 for Leo month

Love and Sex lions

From 22 to 30 September.September 22 do not show personal initiative of love, so as not to scare off cute.Good days for love and romantic meeting - 24 and 25 September.29 and 30 September will be marked clarify the relationship with a partner - be patient.From 1 to 10 October.In matters of sexual relations begins between debunking illusions and the rejection of "rose-colored glasses."Not so bad, most importantly - do not cheat yourself.October 2 - the auspicious day for intimacy.Period misunderstanding in the marital relationship ended more than you will not annoy each other and be able to communicate easily.C11 to 22 October.These days you can get acquainted with the man from afar - it will be a preliminary acquaintance, correspondence or start your first brief meeting.The main development of these events will happen in the next year.October 13-14, you will want to "pull the blanket over himself," and it may not like your spouse.The best days for love and dating - 21-22 October.R

omantic date.Allow yourself to work up until the morning, for example, to open a disco in the park on the waterfront.Shine lights and dancing till you drop will be long remembered, especially if your partner also belongs to the fire element and is ready to share with you an incendiary mood.

Family Lions

family are doing well, and even if there are difficulties, you brilliantly gain the victory over them.Home and family are expensive, but you are on the back, and you're happy to invest in the improvement of their "cave lion".September 22 and 23, 19 and 20 October - auspicious days for communicating with parents, close relatives, to receive visitors and working at home.September 24-25, pay attention to the children - they have long been waiting for this.September 30 will be observed for a confrontation with the spouse;be patient, and you will be able to avoid the conflict.

Recreation lions

Try to at least a few days to escape from the bustle of the city, and to be alone with him in the country, in nature or in other secluded spot.This is especially important during the solar eclipse (it happens on October 11 when it is necessary to comply with sparing regimen).Highlight a few days to take stock of the important outcomes, discard the outdated style of behavior, schedule a new goal.Updates in all - your motto during this period.Place of power.Quay of the river or the sea in the sun - light substitute person, admire beaches and yachts gliding through the water.

Work and Money lions

work will be very much and you plunge into it with his head.The most important task is to determine after the lunar eclipse September 26 - then you can start to take action.Arrange financial priorities and reasonable approach to all spending.You can earn by participating in any project related to the foreign country, or teaching.September 26-27, try not to argue with superiors and colleagues: eclipse can affect everyone and cause a surge of unnecessary emotions.Favorable days to talk to the management or the interview - October 6 and 7.Buying months.All the best in the house - furniture, furnishings and design, tableware.

Love lions

Although each Leo devotes much time to love relationships, work for him now in the first place.The dark band, is overshadowed by his personal life, he has ended.September 24, October 21 and 22 - a good day for a romantic rendezvous, this time he just wants love and entertainment.

Tone lions

If he engaged in any kind of sports or just doing physical activity, it will only go in his favor.You can take the time to health, to pass a comprehensive examination, to start treatment.The main emphasis - on a healthy lifestyle, giving up excesses in the diet and rest.

Finance lions

Finance doing well, he was able to achieve stability.A successful business is with foreign partners.For financial risk fits October 2, but in the next 9 months should be careful not to get involved in the financial and credit adventure.

Jobs lions

will work a lot, and it is possible that after the lunar eclipse on September 26, he will receive some important suggestions.Finally determined with a choice of professional direction.In a career for him now he lit the "green light", and everything depends on his personal efforts.

Friends lions

period begins when your beloved will be able to meet new friends.Nice day for a meeting - 9 October.Things friends will take him a whole month, it will help them to solve various problems.It will be difficult with the Virgin and Aries with Cancer and Sagittarius - easily.


From 8 to 13 October spend days in a peaceful atmosphere, relax, alone.Travel is possible and necessary, but it is all long trips, are likely to remain at the level of plans that are sure to come true, but later.