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Medallions of beef in cream sauce

Cooking medallions medallions of beef - it's an interesting way of cooking meat.The dish can be made from any meat - pork, chicken, but they say that tastes best medallions of beef.This is the name of the dish has become looking like an ornament with a round shape.Our burger if it can be called that, is to acquire a circular shape, or rather the shape of a cylinder.To obtain such a result, it is necessary to use a culinary thread, but first further diameter wrap cutlet strip of bacon.Bacon during frying adds juiciness medallion, and the thread will allow culinary cutlet maintain a cylindrical shape.Sauce for the medallion you can cook any.I invite you to complement the flavor of the meat creamy garlic sauce.Not to say that it is difficult to prepare this dish, but it is not an everyday name, medallions, most likely you will prepare for the holiday dinner.

  • Veal 500g
  • Salt 2 g
  • ground black pepper 5 g
  • Bacon 150g
  • Olive oil 3 tbsp.l.
  • Cognac 30ml
  • Salt 2 g
  • Garlic granulated Dri
  • 5 g melted butter 50 g
  • ground black pepper 1 g
  • Cream 125ml
  • Step 1 To make the medallions, you musttake the tenderloin of veal, olive oil, bacon, cognac, salt, freshly ground pepper;To prepare the sauce you need to take ghee, cream, salt and pepper.
  • Step 2 Flesh beef wash, dry, cut across the fibers on the flat pieces.
  • Step 3 Bacon cut into narrow strips.Wrap the bacon around a piece of meat, giving it a rounded shape, tie a string around the cooking, lightly tighten.
  • Step 4 Preheat a frying pan 3 tablespoons of olive oil.Carefully lay out the pieces of meat.
  • Step 5 Fry the medallions on both sides until golden brown.Season with salt and pepper.
  • Step 6 Reduce heat.Pour over the meat and brandy to warm for 1 minute.Medallions remove and put on a plate.Culinary thread cut.Bacon can be removed if it is connected with the meat - leave.
  • Step 7 Prepare the sauce.Heat the ghee in a pan, add the granulated garlic and pepper.Heat, stirring spices.
  • Step 8: Add 20% cream.
  • Step 9 Mix.Bring to a boil and thickens.Season with salt.
  • Step 10 Ready medallions served with sauce for lunch or dinner, served with boiled (steamed pyurirovannymi) vegetables.