Ingredients // Pasta

Spaghetti with mushrooms

  • Spaghetti - 450 Gram
  • mushrooms - 750 Gram
  • Cream - 225 milliliters (choose low-fat cream)
  • soy sauce - 2 tablespoons.spoon
  • Garlic - 2 cloves
  • salt, spices, herbs - - To taste

mushrooms wash and cut into thin plates.In boiling salted water, cook spaghetti and lower 7-8 minutes (as indicated on the package).In a hot frying pan heat the oil and fry the mushrooms until until they become golden, and all the water has evaporated from them.After 15 minutes, add a frying pan cream and soy sauce.Roast, stirring occasionally, 5 minutes.Then add extruded garlic, salt and spices.Drain the spaghetti and ready-mix of sauce.Serve immediately.Bon Appetit!

Servings: 4

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