Ingredients // Cereals and flour

Millet porridge in the microwave

  • Millet -
  • 1/3 cup water - 1 cup
  • salt - 1 pinch (to taste)

This recipe millet porridge - a classic.It can be modified by adding additional ingredients - milk, butter, dried fruit or candied.Porridge can be made salty or sweet.It all depends on what you'll serve it and to whom.This simple recipe for oatmeal will relieve you of the need to stand over a saucepan, stirring constantly mess, that and strive to burn.I'll tell you how to cook millet porridge in the microwave - it's very simple and effective.Recipe millet porridge in the microwave: 1. Thoroughly wash the rump.As is known, millet slightly bitter.Therefore, a good wash, do not be lazy.2. Prepare one serving so choose small dishes.Washed pours cereal into a bowl for cooking and pour half a glass of water.Season with salt.3. We put our future porridge in the microwave and turn it to the power of 800 watts for 5 minutes.4. Mix, made up the remaining water.If you want sweet porridge - it's time to add sugar.Turnin

g for another 2 minutes.5. Mix the last time and bring to a readiness minutes 2. The water should boil completely.Try porridge taste - if ready, then we obtain from the microwave and serve.If you still stiff - cook a little longer additional 2-3 minutes in the microwave, if the water has boiled away - add.That's all, millet porridge in the microwave ready to be eaten.Bon Appetit!;)

Servings: 1