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Raspberry jelly

Kissel Raspberry Summer - for me, the most wonderful time of the year!I think it is not necessary to describe why, everything is clear, from the summer heat and to all the delicious fruits and berries, which ripen in the summer.Today we have one of the most striking, and it is summer berries - raspberries.Indeed, the summer, because in frozen / thawed as it is not so beautiful, but do not argue, still tasty and healthy.Any practitioner in cooking hostess can offer a lot of recipes associated with these berries from compotes and fruit to cakes and dumplings.I decided to please his family, kiselёm raspberry.In general, my kids love all fruit jelly, but often in a hurry have to buy, dry, shops jelly.And it is as we all know is not particularly useful.On the preparation.Most seemed to me laborious process, wipe the raspberries through a sieve, someone will say, it was not cleaned, with bones is not worse, but I had to get e-mail shop option, and then pitted appearance of aesthetic.On 1 liter of water it

took me 4 tablespoons of starch (no slides).But here on the fan, our pudding turned out not very thick, I would say between a thick kiselёm and compote.I did and achieved, because the order was as follows: we want to drink through a straw jelly.In general, experiment and be sure to find its density and taste.

  • Raspberry 400g
  • Water 1000 ml
  • sugar 1 tbsp.
  • Potato starch 60 g
  • Step 1 You will need: Fresh raspberries, water, sugar, starch.
  • Step 2 raspberries to rub through a sieve to get rid of stones.Two glasses of fresh raspberries, you will have one glass peretёrtoy crimson mass.
  • Step 3 Pour a glass of sugar water.Put on the fire, boil.Leave half a glass of cold water for dilution of the starch.
  • Step 4 Starch diluted in half a glass of cold water (if you add starch in hot, it will roll).
  • Step 5 Pour the boiling water peretёrtuyu crimson mass of starch and water.
  • Step 6 Cook for 3-5 minutes until thick.

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