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A quick way of sauerkraut

Each region had its own secrets sauerkraut.They were able to pass through the centuries and give us this tasty dish.Almost every woman knows how to make sour cabbage, and in the villages the women know it from childhood.

very simple and quick way of sauerkraut

Sauerkraut - not only tasty but also very useful, with a huge number of various vitamins.There is no better and more useful products, especially during the cold season, the season of colds.The main advantage of sauerkraut, in addition to taste, is its ability to store a large amount of vitamin C, in addition, in the winter it is the main source of vitamin B 6, a protein that regulates the balance of the body, and is also involved in the process of hematopoiesis.More in sauerkraut contains a lot of folic acid is essential in the formation of new cells in our body.And none of the products of our climatic zone does not contain such amounts of vitamin K, which is needed for normal blood clotting.

sauerkraut is hard work.To begin with great pluc

k heads of cabbage, upper leaves and the remaining finely nashinkovyvayut, leaving the stalks.You can in the old slaw knife, and for this purpose can use the achievements of civilization - food processors, elektroterkami and shredding.Salts in the cabbage should be put no more than two per cent of the total weight of cabbage, it is this proportion was set empirically and verified by generations of our ancestors.If the salt is more, the slow process of fermentation and cabbage will be too salty.If the salt is less, and cabbage is soft and salted insufficiently.Do not forget about the carrots.It gives a pleasant sweetness and pickle cabbage beautiful golden color.The rest of the spices and seasonings will depend on the recipe you are using.

General rules are very simple: cabbage finely shinkuem thoroughly mixed with the salt and grated carrot, add to the other ingredients.We give a few hours to lie down and put in tubs, jars enameled bucket or pan.Carefully tamping it with a wooden or tolkushkoy your fist half.Metal utensils have to be enameled!It is important!Cover with cheesecloth, and we place it on top of the load (oppression) so that the juice was made.Keep the cabbage should be in a cool place.For best effect, and of the leaven of exit gases, occasionally need a little wiggle cabbage dish.

And now we start to this exciting process - leaven!

additional ingredients to ferment cabbage huge amount.This cranberry, cranberries, apples, cumin, coriander, watermelon, horseradish leaves and still many others.

to ferment cabbage with cranberries and \ or cranberries you'll need ten kilograms of shredded cabbage, carrots, three hundred grams, two hundred grams of washed berries and two hundred and fifty grams of salt.

for sourdough with apples.Ten kilograms of shredded cabbage, grated carrots, three hundred grams, half a kilo of fresh apples (antonovka, or similar grade) and two hundred and fifty grams of salt.

cabbage with caraway or coriander you need ten kilograms of chopped cabbage, half a kilo of carrots, two teaspoons of cumin seeds and coriander and two hundred grams of salt.

If you want to cook the cabbage with horseradish leaves, just lay out the bottom of the tank for these cabbage leaves and follow the standard instructions.