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We are preparing for the New Year recipes

primarily in the environment and on the holiday table should dominate "tiger" colors and colors.Spread catchy orange tablecloth, candles ustavte room - bright yellow or striped, two-tone, with the design.At the center of the table should be placed a metal bowl filled with fruit of yellow and orange colors.In general, preparing the room for the New Year for the celebration, as usual, but do not forget that's such nice nuances, okay?

As for food on the holiday table, it should be in abundance.Given that the "responsible" for the upcoming 2010 Tiger called metallic, it would be a crime not to pay attention to this nuance.Well, of course, do not forget that Tiger - a predator!So it is worth to the table plenty of meat, with his best cook on skewers.Not everyone manages to get to celebrate New year in the city where it is possible to organize a winter barbecue.But in terms of the average apartment can get out if you have a modern oven!

So, prepare for the New Year grilled meats .The first thing to buy the

meat itself, it is best if it is tender young pork.Prepare a marinade of red wine, honey, wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic and spices to your taste.It is best to use the red and black pepper, rosemary, sage, mint.Pour the chopped meat into portions with this mixture and leave in the refrigerator for a day.Shortly before the celebration spread on skewers and fry quickly on the grill - you will get a delicious, juicy meat.For garnish you can submit generously flavored with curry fries.

course, on New Year's is never complete without a salad.We are always ready for the New Year « Olivier », each family its own recipe, but in 2010 we recommend waiting a bit to adapt to the requirements of a well-known salad Tiger.First of all, should be added to the carrots, boiled or raw - that's how you want.In addition, green peas can be replaced by corn.Generally, these bright vegetables matching colors can and should be used almost all salads for this holiday.For example, the table will be a wonderful decoration carrots Korean .You can purchase an authentic version of this dish owners Koreans in the market, but you can make yourself.However, it is unlikely you will be able to quickly and easily find traditional Korean spices, which is the essence of lettuce.

As for desserts, the perfect choice will roasted peanuts , caramelized.The recipe is simple, but will require painstaking work, if you decide to separate each roll in caramel nut.Therefore, you can just spread out a thin layer of peanuts in small forms, pour the prepared caramel and allow to cool, and then cut into squares - will receive the original homemade sweets.Also wonderful dessert will be soaked in brandy and grilled bananas, which can be melted chocolate to represent "tiger stripes."Preparing for the New Year and preparing for the new happiness!

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