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How to cook a steak

Species steak very much, respectively, and also a lot of recipes.Method of preparation are also different.You can fry the steaks in the pan, you can bake on an open fire or cook on the grill.

Before turning to how to cook a steak, you need to understand what constitutes a steak, from which, in fact, and is preparing a steak.Sliced ​​steak called a slice of meat.Very often in relation to high-quality steak used the term "marble."This means that there are veins in steak fat fastening muscle fibers, which in turn gives steak shrink during cooking.And this fat in spreads throughout the piece of meat, passing its appetizing aroma steak.

There are many ways to cut the meat, and it was kind of cut and thickness of the cut piece and determine the quality of the steak.If you like juicy and tender steak at the same time with a lot of fat, the rib steak, this is exactly what you need.'King steak' 'is considered to be cutting.There are also steaks and such as the flank, bitochek steak mignon, fillet, etc.

The higher the quality of the product, the tasty and healthy dishes, prepared from it, the choice of the meat must be approached with great care.Meat on the cut should be bright red.The texture of the meat should not be very hard, but not too soft.Nor can we forget the meats.Beef can be of premium quality and graded and selected.Of course, the premium grade beef is the best, and as a consequence, the most expensive.Next comes the meat of choice."Marbling" hereinafter.Well, the cheapest varieties are graded beef, harsh and less flavorful.

Ideal for steak is considered a piece the size of which palm and thickness - up to two centimeters.Meat is easier to prepare if it subtle.

Do not buy meat that has been flavored with spices or marinated.The quality and freshness of meat in such conditions is almost impossible to define, and often unscrupulous sellers use it.

Buying meat online, can be justified, if you follow the simple recommendations;trust only trusted sites, read customer reviews about the quality of meat offered, as well as take into account the speed of delivery.

To prepare the meat is no universal prescription.It is necessary to take into account characteristics such as softness of the meat, its "marbling" as well as tenderness.Methods that involve cooking meat over an open fire, and with the addition of a liquid, are considered to be the most popular.Consider, these methods in more detail.

Cooking steak on an open fire is to use the grill, roaster, grill or sauté pan.The meat does not add any oil or liquid own fat enough.

To prepare large pieces of beef should use oils and fluids.Beef is necessary to put out a small amount of water or to boil over medium heat, cover.In this tough meat tender.

beef can also be baked, but most stand in the marinade.

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