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Cook dishes of minced meat

stronger shredded meat, so it is stronger and lighter than molded.Minced meat shaped into a medium-sized ball of a plum or cherry.Often beef put the flour and egg, and you can do both, because in this dish of minced meat retain their shape during cooking.So make dumplings and meatballs, which are boiled without breading.

in thin minced meat is sometimes added a little cooked rice or semolina, then obtained croquettes, medium-sized balls of minced meat.They can be boiled or fried.When added to the croquettes tomato paste, onions, garlic and egg white obtained meatballs that paneer, lightly fried, then boiled or stewed.You do not need a lot of time to prepare meatballs: only 1-2 minutes for frying and stewing on 5-12.

From a rough milled minced make burgers, chops, kebabs.Usually they paneer raw then fried well on both sides.After frying they can bake in the oven.Meals are prepared from minced considered in the allocation of these colorless juice.Before serving dish of minced meat sauce poured over.They

can apply to a variety of potatoes, steamed vegetables, crumbly porridge, boiled pasta.

patties of minced meat dishes began to be called at the end of the XIX century, and before that was the name of the meat from the rib bone.Cutlets made from mixing with raw eggs, white bread or breadcrumbs, onions and minced garlic.They are fried in a frying pan over high heat, uncovered.Fried cutlets on both sides briefly cover with a lid to maintain their strength.Cutlets from the poultry referred to Pozharsky, because the recipe invented Count Pozharsky, which came unexpectedly important guests.Due to the absence kitchen Count ordered veal chop and cook poultry meat patties out of it.

also popular and a favorite dish with minced meat content are dumplings.They are considered to be the birthplace of China, from his dumplings arrived in Russia, and later spread to Central Asia and the Caucasus.Toppings for classical Russian dumplings made from mixed in equal proportions of beef, lamb and pork, and sometimes use bear meat, elk, deer and goose.The meat add different spices, onions and sometimes garlic.The dough for the dumplings made from flour, eggs and water.Dumplings are different from similar dishes that make the dough very thin, and very filling of minced meat exceeds the number of the test, which is a thin membrane.

soup with meatballs is considered one of the most popular first courses.It is easier to prepare than other meat soups.Its main advantage is that for the preparation of soup not require much time and effort.Meatballs are called balls of minced meat, boiled in broth.For the production of meatballs using minced meat or fish, to which is added chopped onions and herbs, salt and add pepper to taste.Of cooked minced mold medium-sized balls.

tasty dishes to cook at home stuffing can be stuffed with a variety of vegetables, usually peppers, zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes.Minced meat used in the preparation of pie fillings.Some prefer pies stuffed with meat exclusively.