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How to cook soup kharcho

Often it was quite tasty soup for caterers, but call it a "grub" is not worth it as nothing but rice to the grub was not in it.Those who love to spend their vacations in the resorts of Georgia could try a real grub, which is prepared according to the rules of national Georgian cuisine in local restaurants.

This lovely soup has left its mark even on the pages of our literature.Beautiful playwright Grigory Gorin has a funny story called "I want to grub."In this story speaks of visiting the restaurant, which is coming to him, he ordered a soup kharcho.The waiter brought a wide variety of reasons for the order that the visitor was impossible to fulfill.The restaurant did not deliver the lamb, there was no tomatoes, they ended in the kitchen rice, cook fell ill, and the stove was broken, suddenly descended on San Inspectorate, a power failure.But the visitor was set up very strongly and in response to the words of the waiter, to enumerate all these reasons, invariably replied: "I want to grub!" The story is

on behalf of a waiter and ends with the words: "Well, what could I do?How else can you explain?I spat in frustration and brought his grub. "

on various Internet forums culinary different users share recipes and share tips, spread a lot of photos of dishes that have prepared themselves, and sometimes desperately, to ache in the fingers argue about how well you can cook a Georgian soup kharcho which of the ingredients requiredin the preparation of, and without any possible and necessary.Incidentally, in the battles over whether some of the meat to cook the soup always comes out the winner supporter of beef, as this is kharcho beef soup.

How to cook soup kharcho?There are many variants of soup kharcho.We will tell you about the most common options.Beef brisket (certainly beef) cut into small pieces and cook over low heat until half cooked state, occasionally removing the foam.Tomato paste or just fresh tomatoes saute in fat, remove from broth.Finely chop the onion and saute in the same way.Further, the boiling broth add pre-soaked rice, put the onion in the broth and continue cooking.Toward the end of the cooking process in a saucepan add the tomato paste and tomatoes themselves, put sour plum and pepper, some herbs, salt to taste, a little pounded garlic and cook until cooked.If there are no sour plums, they can be replaced tkemali sauce.

To prepare the soup kharcho you need: half a kilo of beef brisket, half a cup of rice, three onions, three or four cloves of garlic, three tablespoons of tomato paste instead of it you can take a few fresh tomatoes, a few sour plums or three tablespoons of sauce tkemali.

Seasonings: hops-suneli, red and black pepper, and bay leaves and herbs.Also soup kharcho often add nuts.Their you will be enough for about half a cup.Fresh walnuts are finely crushed and added to the soup somewhere in the middle of cooking.

Delicate taste of beef broth and neutral flavor of rice, spicy greens, unsharp tkemali acidity (sour plum) and astringent flavor walnut create the unique taste and aroma of traditional soup kharcho.