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Health Calendar: January, February, March

If you conduct a survey at the time, as well as vovremyadelat vaccination, we can maintain health, save money, and you navsegdazabudete that is patentovannyesredstva.There mnozhestvoprofilakticheskih surveys are recommended to take place at the same time of year, for example, in the winter to prevent seasonal exacerbations.Every month and every season imeetsvoi whims note them!

Winter lossless

Typically, when winter comes, I want to put on warm clothes sebyapobolshe, vybrositbudilnik, get under a warm blanket and a bear sleep there at least DomArt.Many of us do not get enough sleep, reluctantly go to work, and constantly freezing cold.Just winter comes obostreniehronicheskih diseases and easy to pick up the virus.Svezhihovoschey no minimum fruit daylight hours are very short, a lack of vitamin D, which vyrabatyvaetsyapod action of ultraviolet rays-all this leads to apathy, drowsiness, we become more susceptible to stressful situations, and it is worth remembering that vitamin D nuzhenorganizmu

health gums, teeth, hair, bone and skin.But how to make friends with winter?Chtobyvstretit spring vigorous and healthy as possible, you need to create a program for the vitality of these months.

Healthy sleep - this is the most important and basic that you dolzhnysebe provide.A light day reduced, which means that the body is constantly hochetspat.Therefore, pay at least 8hours sleep.

out in the sun: this is especially important in the winter!If you work out, at the lunch break go outside to breathe svezhimvozduhom and start a family weekend outing.As soon as the opportunity arises, vyhoditena street to "warm up" for winter solnyshke.Esli nikakihprotivopokazany you do not, then buy a subscription to the solarium.At least for a couple of minutes a week udelyaytesolyariyu, so you can get not only a beautiful tan, but portsiyuantidepressanta.

sports.Well, now you can choose to rest on svoyvkus: skating, dancing, skiing, snowboarding, and so on.You can recharge your batteries in veseloykompanii, family or dazhevdvoem with a loved one, moreover, irritability as the arm lift, but ifigurka the spring will be ready.

January: nachinaemnovy year

soon end holidays, and the body needs budetvozvraschatsya into a working rhythm.Try not to create stressful situations, keep your health under control, protect themselves from infection and pass several planned surveys.

Go to stomatologu.Dazhe little kids know that this doctor have to go at least once vgod, at least, even if nothing bespokoit.V beginning of the year it is better to cause the teeth in order, remove plaque and zubnoykamen andprevent problems.

Do you need vaccinations?If you are going on vacation (summer, spring) Suddenly country, then you may need to undergo special vaccination against "exotic" diseases.And prevention should begin ktakoy advance - today.

visit to the nephrologist or urologist is necessary to put it in January -in this period exacerbated activity of the bladder and kidneys.

Enter obychnyyrabochy mode after the holidays, to prevent ill health, achtoby achieve this properly plan your vacation and work mode.Pre-plan your plans for the day, takchtoby enough time to work, and the rest was complete.

February: training kvesne

February is a transition month.The second half of the month - the off-season, can worsen the overall health, if the body does not encourage nezanyatsya vitamins and prevention of certain diseases.Moreover, in February, women need to conduct professional examinations.

Go to ginekologu.Sdelayte pelvic ultrasound, pass the annual inspection.In addition, inspect schitovidnoyzhelezy hormones and hormones.

Well, if you also pay a visit to the endocrinologist, because of all the changes in our body left its mark on the features and sostoyaniimochepolovoy system.

Inspect-mammalogy oncologist: mammogram (after 35 letraz 1.5 years), breast ultrasound.If you suffer mastopathy, then UZIgrudi should be carried out twice a god.Bolee, if you have in the family someone had breast cancer, then nuzhnoneskolko times a year to visit a doctor, mammalogy.

Cellulite kompleks.Prishlo time itself to make anti-cellulite massage - so you do not tolkobudete itself in the form of support, but also be able to rid the body of toxins itoksinov that were saved in the body throughout the winter, and they form the "orange" crust.

gives strength izaschitit stress aromatherapy can! Moreover, she is also able to treat a number of diseases.For example, an exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can help oil of lemon, chamomile, anise, priosteohondroze do massage with oil of pine, cypress, marjoram, fir and prikashle do inhalations with aromas of oregano and fennel.Fragrance of myrrh, rose and marjoram otpereutomleniya save you!

Add vitamin C and honey! If you as often as possible to eat fruit (kiwi, citrus, pineapple guava) and vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, broccoli), you can not only protect themselves from infection iprostud, but also to preventjoint problems, which are caused by the cold.Add in the diet of sauerkraut!And chaschepeyte herbal tea with honey - this is especially important storehouse of minerals and vitaminovv winter.

Spring Call

frosts is over, but now the heat will come not soon.In winter, the body has lost zapaspoleznyh and vitamins.Due to the fact that the weather is not constant and will soon have to move to letneevremya, doctors say normal life of abuse (desynchronosis), which is caused by failure of the normal mode dnya.Bolee that are actively work began on private land, aeto showsthat the increased load on the spine.

sluchaetsyaobostrenie Many chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.At the same time approaching allergic to pollen rasteniyi trees.In short, ozhidaniivesny is updated not only nature, but also the body, so chastosluchaetsya apathy and lack of energy.Proyditeryad survey, strengthen the body: in the summer you need to be healthy, carefree veseloi to relax and not go to the doctor.

March: udalimgipovitaminoz!

Many doctors say they need to take part letnegootpuska in March, after March -Heavy month for the entire body, both physically and psychologically.Moreover, when the temperature rises, viruses "cling" more frequently.Remember that in March focus stoitudelit competent relax and fortification.

Go kimmunologu or therapist.Of course, natural vitamins - it's good, but now you need to drink more and a special vitamin complex.However, only a doctor should determine kakoyimenno.In March there was herpes, then you slabyyimmunitet and body need to "feed".

Make fluorography (and it should be done kazhdyygod mandatory)!

In March, is to spend US of a thyroid gland.Cause in this period, she is most active.If you find a problem, you can prevent the development of disease.

Exclude soldier's heart.Esliv March you can not sleep at night and often heart hurts hvataetvozduha not, you should not think that it is of romantic excitement.These are the main features of neyrotsirkulyarnoydistonii.Avoid bedtime podyshatsvezhim air, and in the morning, take a contrast shower.Win this problem can pomoschyuuspokaivayuschih funds overnight (motherwort, peppermint, valerian) ipreparatov that contain vitamin B6 and magnesium.If more than a month you can not spravitsyas it, then you go to the doctor, find out the reasons chtobyon commands such illness and wrote you a treatment.

Every day, at least, what you should do: utrennyuyuzaryadku front of the mirror and evening exercise (2-3 hours) and progulivatsyana fresh air at lunchtime.

Warning !In order for the body Daylight Saving vremyani was stress, a month before the start prepare him go spatsnachala 15 minutes earlier, then 25 and so on, until you reach the hour.

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