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Common misconceptions about stomach

Now many people, according to experts, are very maloznany to the activities of the digestive tract and stomach - that's just one reason why the belly problemys resolved longer and harder.

Experts say that there are some well-known myths popovodu health of the stomach, and many of them can interfere with getting rid of voznikshihproblem most effectively.

Sometimes it happens that there is a fairly complicated pugayuschayai a complex problem, but in fact the solution lies on the surface, notolko in that case you will understand where the error and where myths.

To understand medical specialists could razyasnitnekotorye puzzle problems zheludka.Davayte now look where truth and error, just you and smozheteproverit actually much do you know about the stomach.

Myth №1.Sovershaetsyapreimuschestvenno digestion in the stomach.

This is a myth.Samayabolshaya digestive process occurs in the small intestine.Zheludokvstrechaet food, takes it stirs and begins to grind as she neprevratitsya in chyme (gr

uel).After chegoeta small portsiyamipopadaet paste into the small intestine so happens osnovnoypischevaritelny process.

Moreover, it should be noted that the food is digested not misrepresented the manner which you have consumed it.Remember that the stomach pischaperemeshivaetsya, and then sent to the small intestine in small portions.

Myth №2.If vynachnete eat less food, it soon reduced the volume of the stomach, as a result you will not experience hunger silnoechuvstvo.

This is a myth.In vzroslogocheloveka stomach anyway remains the same size, even if there vynachali like a kitten, of course, an exception - is if you had the surgery poumensheniyu stomach.Because malenkogokolichestva food will not decrease the stomach, but "counter is reset appetite" poetomutakogo strong feeling of hunger you will not, moreover, you can proschesoblyudat diet, you yourself asked.

Myth №3.In lean lyudeyot nature small volume of the stomach in comparison with the full human beings.

This is a myth.Of course, it's hard to believe, but the size zheludkane has nothing to do with weight or weight control.People who are evil in themselves, have takoyzhe volume of the stomach, or even greater than that of obese people who vynuzhdenykontrolirovat your weight for life.Vesnikak not refers to the volume of the stomach.Pofaktu even people who have gone through surgery to reduce stomach volume dorazmera walnut, all ravnonabirayut weight.

Myth №4.Exercises on the simulator for squats ilibryushnogo press can reduce the size of the stomach.

This is a myth.Nikakieuprazhneniya can not change the size of the stomach, but can burn fat around the waist and kotoryynakaplivaetsya zhivota.Bolee of such uprazhneniyamimozhno strengthen abdominal muscles, body parts, which are located poddiafragmoy where the stomach and other critical organs.

most interesting in the structure of the body that the portion of fat, which causes the most damage, we do not see.It is located in what is called caul etochto something like a sheet that wraps our internal organs.

People with more weight, very often have a lot zhiramezhdu internal organs.There are cases where the fat coats the liver, and so tightly that may vozniknutgepatit, and if the case is very heavy, and does topechen can refuse.However, there is good news: the system zdorovogopitaniya will help you not only lose the fat that you can see, but vnutrenniesloi that can not be seen with the naked eye.

Myth №5.Products containing insoluble dietary fiber (insoluble in water), and provotsiruyutvzdutiya less gassing than products which cellulose is dissolved in water.

It's true.Many people are surprised when they are told that oniprinimali some products for a more "soft" tissue.In fact, it rastvorimayakletchatka products such as peas, oat bran, beans and citrus products -such can trigger flatulence and bloating, but insoluble fiber found in cabbage, carrots, whole wheat bread, beet and wheat flakes.What is the reason?Bloating and flatulence - it rezultatdeyatelnosti intestinal flora, which is so necessary for digestion rastvorimoykletchatki.But insoluble kletchatkavovse not digested, so there is no contact with the intestinal flora, votgazy not formed.

Remember this: insoluble fiber does not form a gas, so it can increase the volume and frequency of bowel movements.

Myth №6.Sbrositpolkilogramma - kilogram - is the most effective way to curb heartburn (acid reflux).

It's true.The less acid flows back into the esophagus, the fewer problems will arise with its chistkoy.Konechno, it's hard to believe, but if you lose a pound in oblastizhivota, it is possible to achieve favorable changes - an excellent example etogoyavlyaetsya pregnancy.With vremenemzarodysh grows and develops, and thus puts pressure on the internal organs, the samymuvelichivaya heartburn, but when the child is born and organyosvobozhdayutsya pressure, heartburn disappears.The same thing happens when vyhudeete in the abdomen, even a little bit, but the effect is visible immediately.

Note that a lot of people lose weight, get rid otzhivota, so in the early days of weight loss programs can be an impact on zametitpolozhitelnoe heartburn.

Myth №7.If you editena night, the weight typed faster than with meals throughout the day.

This is a myth.Many experts say that we polneem, kogdapotreblyaem more calories than you spend.Even if it seems logical that myeffektivnee and will spend the calories obtained from food during tselogodnya than if you used the same portion of food before bedtime, but deystvitelnostinabor weight is not based on twenty-four hour cycle.Eslivse calories we get from food for a certain period of time exceeds the number of calories kotoroeraskhoduem in the same period, volumes will grow stout.

Recently, studies have been conducted on animals, kotoryepokazali that if we abandon perekusovposle dinner, the weight gain can be prevented.If you eat food at night, the body narushitesutochny mode and change the level of hormones that kontroliruyutappetit, and it will lead to weight gain.

Speaking differently, Toet should always be in our minds and remind that if mynervnichaem or tired, the food, drink before bedtime, zatrudnitpischevarenie lead to bloating, heartburn and flatulence.The intestine has a "brain" that pomogaetudostoveritsya that food goes in pravilnomkolichestve popischevaritelnomu path and the right pace.When nasodolevaet tired - it usually happens at the end of the day - the "brain" in kishechniketozhe tired.Therefore, the activity is reduced and the food moves through pischevaritelnoysisteme slower.

Myth №8.A sandwich of peanut butter and crackers, which contains only 200 calories, can better control the appetite, chemobychnye crackers, which soderzhitsyastolko calories.

It's true.This occurs because the fats digested much slower chemuglevody, therefore remain longer in the stomach, and this means that we dolsheoschuschaem satiety after eat at least a small amount of fat.

Myth №9.Beans provoking gassing in all people, and to do nothing can.

This is a myth.The beans contain a lot of sugar, and for the assimilation egopravilnogo need special ferment.Nekotorye people have this enzyme more than the others.Therefore, the less you have of this enzyme, the more gas your body will obrazovyvatpri digestion of beans.What to do? Studies have shown that it is useful to use food resources kotoryesoderzhat necessary enzymes to digest sugar.You can reduce obrazovaniegazov if you take the funds that contain simethicone.He oslablyaetnatyazhenie on bubbles of gas that obrazuyutsyaposle eating, and fighting with gases.