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Urinary incontinence in women.


Research of this nature is quite costly for outputting not only the patient, but also to medical institutions.Thus, in zabolevanietolko diagnosed if treatment is necessary or surgically kogdakonservativnoe treatment has no effect to refine prichinybolezni.

Urodynamic testing makes it possible to obtain all suschestvuyuschuyuinformatsiyu how funktsioniruetmochevoy bubble woman.Such metoddiagnostiki applies only if all previous tests have not responded to the doctor's questions, that is not the reason bylaopredelena uzhenschiny urine leakage, and if the doctor suspects that the patient mixed incontinence.Tests that may be included in issledovanietakogo nature, sometimes change.The doctor may refer you to manipulate takiediagnosticheskie:

Tsistometrografiya (cystometry, uroflowmetry) is a series of tests for opredeleniyadavleniya bladder at different degrees of its fullness.If you can find out cystometry:

  • maksimalnuyusilu compression of the urethra, which indica
    tes normal pressure for polnogozakrytiya urethra;
  • davlenieutechki, which determines how much compressed sphincter muscle, pokavozmozhno hold urine.

Ultrasound diagnosis ilirentgenografiya under which opredelyaetsyaostatochnaya fluid in the urinary incontinence puzyreposle deflating.Such metodydiagnostiki enable us to determine the position of the urethra and bladder prinapryazhenii, cough and urination.

If all the methods that we have already considered a swami, was unable to determine the cause of urinary incontinence in women, while using more extensive tests.Studies that we budemrassmatrivat further used only for certain patients with nederzhaniemmochi.

Cystoscopy - the application of a thin endoscope to examine the internal structure of the bladder and urethra.

Tsistouretrograma - sposobdiagnostiki an x-ray that is used with an empty bladder with contrast, which soderzhityod to get a snapshot of the inner walls of the urethra and bladder.With the help of this test you can opredelitvse physical defects bottom of the urinary tract, which are associated with urinary incontinence in women.

nederzhaniemochi How to treat women?

There are several methods of therapy of this disease.The best treatment - is borbas cause urinary incontinence, while taking into account patient characteristics sostoyaniyazdorovya.

Important osobennostilecheniya

  1. mainly incontinence can be cured kontrolirovatili.
  2. Many women who experience urinary pressure, begin to feel better after lifestyle changes, compliance grafikamocheispuskany, the use of devices such as pessaries, perform uprazhneniyKegelya.If no change occurs prilechenii begin surgically treat incontinence.
  3. If incontinence is due nepreodolimogopozyva, then you should re train your bladder so that onnormalno worked.Lekarstvennyepreparaty this can help, even despite the fact that there nekotoryenezhelatelnye effects.

lifestyle change exercise

Movement Kegel can help every woman stradayuscheynederzhaniem urine, regardless of the type neduga.Takie sessions help to strengthen the pelvic muscles, which uchuvstvuyut vspuskanii urine, especially useful to do these exercises at nederzhaniidavleniya.It is important to regularly and perform movements that result nezastavil coming.

Kegel exercises can be combined with the technique of biofeedback is to make sure that the patient is training those muscles that you can nuzhno.Kontrolirovat: finger should be introduced into the vagina so that vypochuvstvovali force of contraction of the pelvic floor.To prevent incontinence kashleili sneezing should immediately several times to stretch the muscles of the pelvic floor.You can also cross his legs.

Maybe you need to get rid of extra kilogrammjd, chtobyspravitsya incontinent pressure.

lifestyle changes you can try at nederzhaniipozyva.Try to identify products that razdrazhayutslizistuyu bladder or eating them, for example, chocolate, spices, vinegar, citrus fruits, dairy products, tomato.Avoid upotreblyatkofein and alcohol.

There are three types of habits replacement for the treatment of urinary incontinence: stimulation of urination, bladder training and urination pografiku.


pessary - a rubber device that is inserted into the vagina to the cervix to sozdatdopolnitelnoe pressure and support the urethra through the muscle wall.Moreover, such a device provides vozmozhnosturetre remain in the closed position and the fluid in the bladder.Osobennopolezen incontinence pessary pressure.Many women actively ispolzuyutsya at active actions, such as jogging.Many pessaries mozhnoispolzovat all the time.However, when using this method, you need to pozabotitsyao genitourinary system otnosheniiinfektsy.We must constantly obsledovatsyau physician.


There are several types of surgical operations of nature that treat urinary incontinence in women are associated with weak pelvic floor muscles.All transactions have one goal - to bring vnormalnoe state organs of the urinary system.After that, sneezing, laughing and coughing very redkoprivodyat to incontinence.

When urge incontinence have resorted to stimulation sakralnogonerva if other methods do not bring the desired effect.

before resorting to surgery is necessary to accurately postavitdiagnoz, undergo other treatments, and correctly understand vygodyhirurgicheskogo intervention.

How to protect yourself otrazvitiya urinary incontinence?

To reduce the risk of this disease should be:

  • maintain a healthy body weight;
  • not to smoke because of this woman coughing and etouvelichivaet the risk of urinary incontinence;
  • constantly train the muscles of the pelvic floor.

How to deal snederzhaniem urine yourself at home?

if you experience incontinence, you mozhetesamostoyatelno begin to deal with this disease.

  1. Make a schedule urination with a period of 4 or 2:00, it all depends on your personal needs.
  2. Go to the doctor and talk to him obovseh medicines you prinimaete.Nekotorye drugs can only increase incontinence.
  3. Keep a journal where you write vsesimptomy and manifestations of the disease, the circumstances and situations in kotoryhproiskhodyat urine leakage.So the doctor will be the most knowledgeable ibystree your situation can help you.
  4. If a problem arose with svoevremennymposescheniem toilet when the urge to peeing, then you need to consider kakbystree get to the toilet.Nositeodezhdu that quickly and easily snimaetsya.Esli not possible, then keep a pot or a duck near the bed.
  5. Do not drink caffeinated beverages (energy drinks, teas, coffee).
  6. Do not drink alcohol.
  7. If active movements are doing, togdapolzuytes swab, for example, jogging or dancing.
  8. Try to drink a normal amount of fluid, not much and not enough.When nedostatkezhidkosti body can happen dehydration.With an excess of water quickens iusilivaetsya need to urinate.

stop or reduce the manifestation of urinary incontinence mogutdopolnitelnye measures.However, we must remember that to zametitrezultat takes time and regular execution.

  1. Every day strengthens the muscles of the pelvic dnauprazhneniyami Kegel.
  2. If you are overweight, then zaymitessoboy.Remember that the most effective weight loss - it is not a strict diet apravilnoe diet and exercise.
  3. Avoid constipation.
  4. If you smoke, try to get rid otetoy habits.

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