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How it affects us houseplants?

How affect nasrasteniya, such as azalea

For instance, if you want to correct obsessive-old woman neighbor, who is watching over you, then give her azalea (Rhododendron).Etokomnatnoe plants eliminates the habit of gossiping, calming people with povyshennoyvozbudimostyu, removing depression.Due to the fact that increases energy chakryAnahaty azalea, which is at the level of the heart, it can awaken chelovekevnimanie to others, sensitivity, love and compassion.

Creative people are encouraged to grow azaleas, kotorayastanet kind of muse.With it, you can overcome the fear of starting work.Etorastenie able to open the doors to the world of inspiration and creativity, filling chelovekabezgranichnoy energy.

Indoor rasteniyadlya office

Oleander is good to have in the office managers, kotoryesklonny to outbursts of anger, ill-considered actions and words as oleander Modern transforms consciousness.This plant belongs to poisonous plants, iuhazhivat him need to Signet.Iskontsentrirovatsya help dist

ribute the forces on the way to the goal of Croton.Action oleander can compare sdeystviem caffeine - stimulates brain cells.Because of this horoshovyraschivat this plant in offices where staff doing a permanent "brainstorming."

And in the offices of employees charities obschestvennyhdeyateley, especially social workers, lemon is recommended.This rastenietvorit miracles emits altruism, free from illusions, it helps find yourself activities, and stimulates the activity of brain cells.

Phytoncidal properties komnatnyhrasteny

Phytoncides are substances that vyrabatyvayutsyarasteniem, contribute to the destruction of fungi and bacteria.Air environment has patogennyeorganizmy that penetrates into the respiratory tract, can cause ostryerespiratornye illness and allergic reactions.

Phytoncidic the coming period of activity in the winter and vesenniyperiod when the incidence of viral diseases increases vomne times.Fitotsidy, even in small doses, can inhibit the development of vrednyhmikroorganizmov and maintain optimal indoor air balance.

But do not forget to feed and water the plants, inacheih Phytoncidal quality reduced.French craftsmen in the XVII stoletiilyubili geraniums for a remarkable ability to absorb dye, sapozhnyhmasterskih toxic fumes.Modern scientists have proved that geraniums can pogloschatdazhe radionuclides.This plant produces substances that kill patogennyemikroorganizmy and inhaled its fragrance man relaxes, calms, which is of considerable importance in depressive and stress, insomnia.Geranium also helps snyatposle hard day's fatigue.Just 20 minutes spent near dannymrasteniem helps to experience emotional high tide forces.

Interesting facts pronekotorye plants

Devil's ivy or Epipremnum golden, capable prinestimnogo trouble.The smell of this plant, almost a man does not feel consists of hydrogen, bromine, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulfur.The impact of these increases alkaloidovdeystvie alcohol 3 times.After a few glasses drunk near takogorasteniya may even scandal broke.Therefore, you must advance Epipremnum ubratiz room, which will host a festive feast.

But at the same time, this is considered a good ivy sredstvomdlya ridding it of alcohol addiction.You just need to put vspalne vine leaves with mustard.Get rid of tobacco and alcohol zavisimostitakzhe helps oleander.It helps orient relatively svoihzhiznennyh objectives indicate the correct path.

If you live in-law, from which it is impossible to naytiobschy language, it's good to have in the house Monstera.This plant - a vampire, signified vpityvaetotritsatelnuyu energy.It is best to keep in the kitchen near the appliance or mikrovolnovoypechi.But it is necessary to know that no other plant in the same room with the vampire not get along.

Monstera, philodendron, begonia tuber help to co-exist under the same roof neskolkimpokoleniyam.Monstera helps bring in thoughts and deeds of the order, it is - a fighter skhaosom.This plant is useful to those engaged in science, who started napisaniedissertatsii also candidates degrees.A begonia tuber brings spouses, it helps to find answers to questions, extinguishes conflicts, also removes psihicheskoepereutomlenie.

Impatiens creates around itself a powerful vibratory harmony joy flow, smoothing the consequences of conflict situations.This plant zaryazhaetatmosferu solar energy.Balsam atmosphere created sposobstvuetproyavleniyu best qualities in a man.

Begonia royal suits, hospitable, obschitelnymlyudyam being a strong protective plant.Begonia royal transformiruetvibratsii negative into positive, organizes them, resulting in an atmosphere of harmony and balance kvartirek.

Begonia dekorativnotsvetuschie neutralize by quarrels negativnuyuenergiyu smoothes conflicts and contradictions, nervousness and tension, protects the house from invasion vneshnihvibratsy.

to intimate relations a flower orchid that schitaetsyasimvolom feminine and masculine.Ever since the 19th century, we know that this rastenieizluchaet substances that are perfectly tuned to an intimate relationship, kakmuzhchin and women.

But inherently orchid - a vampire, so children, also lyudyams unstable mentality chat with her nezhelatelno.Esli orchid placed in the bedroom, you may experience headaches.

on plants that are present in your home, very vazhnoobratit attention, namely the fact how much energy and how they are affected by naobitateley home.By competent home will depend on what naskolkokomfortno you will feel yourself in it.

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