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Myths about metabolism

metabolic rate, so iliinache, associated with our body, or rather, with its structure.Each kilogram of fat that we have daily szhigaetvsego 5 calories per day.But kilogram of lean body mass is doing bolsheraboty and burns 35 calories every day.Lean mass consists mainly izmyshts, so the best option accelerate metabolism - increase myshechnuyumassu, but it can be done only by means of physical activity.Moreover, you need a lot of protein foods to lean body mass was growing.

about metabolism spread many myths noseychas we learn that belongs to the truth and what is not.

Myth №1.If you eat enough water, the vashorganizm will burn more calories.

fact. All chemical reactions kotoryeproiskhodyat in the body, one hundred percent dependent on water.Scientists say that if the body lacks water, then you will burn 2% menshekalory.There have been studies that have shown that participants kotoryepili 8 to 12 glasses of water a day had a more accelerated metabolism in comparison with those who drank 4 cups


Council. Watch the color of urine, if it has a darker color is straw yellow, it may mean that you drink enough water, try to drink at least one glass before a meal.

Myth №2.Diets reduce the performance metabolism at rest, aeto slows and complicates the process of weight loss.

fact. Because each poteryannogofunta weight your body burns in a day for 2-10 calories less.Vysbrosite If, ​​for example, 10 pounds, then you have to eat, and then on 100kalory less to maintain a slim body is not given exercises.But vymozhete and protect yourself from slow metabolism in the process of losing weight.Samyyhoroshy way - is to get rid of fat, but the preservation of muscle mass.Reduce the number of calories and more vyupotreblyaete Exercise.If you primenyatradikalnye diet by eating less than 1,000 calories a day, you will lose nezhir and muscle mass.

Council.Try each denotkazyvatsya 250 calories and burn as much through sports.So you inaberete muscle and lose more fat percentage.

Myth №3.Spicy food accelerates the metabolism.

fact .Capsaicin - a bioaktivnyykomponent by which chilli pepper has such sharp taste and mozhetuskorit metabolism, furthermore, provide a feeling of satiety and removes chuvstvogoloda.There have been studies in which participants ate 30milligramm chili peppers that causes a temporary acceleration of metabolism na23%, but even those members who were added to the food of 0.9 milligrams, smoglipovysit metabolism at 10-16%.

Council.Get chili iposypayte his pieces stews, Mexican dishes, pasta, sauces and dobavlyayteego in various seasonings.

Myth №4.If you have a lot of protein foods, the metabolism is accelerated.

fact .The protein is able intensivnovliyat metabolism, which is not about carbohydrates and fats because its digestion chtodlya body releases more energy.This phenomenon is called termicheskimeffektom food.Studies have shown that people who eat protein foods, burns 2 times more calories in comparison with those who consume carbohydrates.If you sit on a normal diet, while 14% of the products must be sent to the stomach together with proteins.If vyudvoite this figure, then you are able to lose weight faster.

Council. Chtobypravilno dispose of useful properties of proteins with each meal eat 20 grammbelkovoy food.

Myth №5.Greypfrut can accelerate metabolism.

fact.It neyavlyaetsya reality.It obychnyyfrukt and he can not work miracles with the metabolism, but can help poterevesa.Studies have shown that if you eat half a grapefruit before meals, toza 12 weeks you can lose 4 pounds.This is due to the fact that etomfrukte contains water and cellulose, which lets you eat less.

Council. Replace salad or soup on fresh fruit or juice, for example, Mandarin iligreypfrut.

Myth №6.Kardiouprazhneniya not as effective dlyaaktivizatsii metabolism like lifting weights.

fact. at sufficiently strength exercises you burn calories at 6-8% more, and etookolo 100 extra calories a day.

lifting weights activates metabolism more chemkardiouprazhneniya.But if you look at it from the other side, mozhnoskazat that aerobic exercise is not strong enough to increase suhuyumyshechnuyu mass.The best way to build muscle - it is to do exercises nasoprotivlenie.

Council .Staraytes during exercise to achieve the most stress large muscles give preference to the exercises, which consist of two parts.It can be push-ups, sit-ups and takdalee.

Myth №7.Selderey reduces calories, because in the process of digestion requires a lot of calories.

fact. Termicheskiyeffekt food really allows the body to burn calories during vremyaperevarivaniya drinks and food, but dlyaetogo requires only 30% of the calories that you eat.Celery root contains 6 calories, and its assimilation uhoditvsego polkalorii.Therefore, it is only a fiction.

Council. Vymozhete add celery to soups, stews and salads in kachestvenizkokaloriynogo but well-fed product, but do not think that it can help you lose weight.Sick, celery is very useful, it lowers blood pressure.

Myth №8.Chay can accelerate the natural calorie burning.

fact. in green and red tea contains catechins, which speed up the burning of fat in the body.Green tea really sposobenuskorit metabolism.Studies have shown that eating one chashkikrasnogo uvelichivaetkolichestvo tea daily calories burned by 10%, and green - 4%.

Council .Vmesto morning cup of coffee drink green or oolong tea, they have tadoza caffeine, which is necessary to speed up metabolism.Sugar and milk substitute lemon blagodaryakotoromu body absorbs more than catechins.

Myth PMS №9.Vo time we experienced increased appetite, because before mesyachnymiuskoryaetsya metabolism.

fact. Nasamom actually have PMS is a plus - the acceleration of metabolism in menstrualnogotsikla period and this period is called the luteal faza.Obmen substances is accelerated because of hormonal processes.

Council .Staraytes to record what you eat for a week to a month and chereznedelyu after them.Make yourself odinratsion for the whole month and stick to it.Thus, you get polzuot fat burning that caused gormonami.Esli you still can not help, at least kontroliruyterazmery servings.

Mif№10.If you're short on time, then you need more intensively zanimatsyauprazhneniyami that could accelerate the metabolism.

fact. People who are heavily involved in sports after the exercises in a state pokoyaodareny accelerated metabolism.Takoeuskorenie more intense and lasts longer in time than the obychnyhuprazhneniyah or exercise at low intensity.Be more energetic privypolnenii exercise, it gives you the ability to burn 10% calories from obschegokolichestva about an hour after school.If normal walking ihodboy replace jogging 4 miles (lose 400 calories), while a few posleduyuschihchasov give you the ability to burn 40 calories.

Council .Delayte simple exercises, but do not forget about the speed.If it's running, then increase speed every day at least a few minutes.