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Good start to the day

Scientists have proven that eating sweets for breakfast greatly improves mood.A cup of cocoa, for example, not only awaken and recharge your batteries, which will last until lunch, but will make a pleasant morning.There is nothing surprising in this.Taking a sip of sweet and caloric drink, if you send a signal to the brain: "I have everything wonderful."

Charging you did, drank cocoa. ... Now, in the shower!And to splash around under the elastic jets was fun, combine swimming with facial gymnastics.As long as nobody sees you, build myself funny faces, as is sometimes done chimpanzees.Through the exercises every day, you will strengthen the facial muscles, and lift mood in the morning.It is too serious to be treated yourself - is harmful.

Your morning and afternoon painted by the minute.After all, you need to feed the family and hold them for a job.Coming itself.And if you sit with the child, the more vests and ironed, cook porridge ... crumbs.And in the evening you do not remain forces.Analyze what yo
u spend the most time.Surely, precious hours and minutes "eats" cleaning and cooking.If so, then you need to reconsider priorities and make "blanks" in the evening - to consider breakfast to collect the bag, shoe polish and iron clothes.

morning Even if not specified, is not discouraged and is related to what is happening with a joke.Through humor, you can get out of any awkward situation or negate the conflict.For example, during rush hour in the regular shuttles terrible crush.Surely you prevent or pass or in your address sweep unpleasant words.Instead of answering the same place and fight their elbows, loudly ask to move his feet to the floor.Worked!

to combine business with pleasure, you should eat right.How not to lose a valuable stock of health-found in the summer?Leave for warmer climes and can not leave the house?We have a less radical and the most pleasant solution.

be healthy - it means to be free, without regard to the state of health to work, to travel, to meet friends and just enjoy life's little pleasures.With this truth can not argue, especially in the run-up to this trial gusty winds and lingering autumn rains.We have to offer - let's maintain excellent health and good spirits delicious way just at work, watching TV or during friendly gatherings.You ask how?

Our advice: drink more green tea.It is known that green tea quenches thirst, invigorating, gives pleasure delicate aroma and rich flavor, and plus everything - fills our body with all the nutrients.This is extremely important, because green tea contains valuable antioxidants and natural tea (flavonoids) that help the body fight aging and resist the free radicals responsible for many diseases.

Green tea helps fight high blood pressure, abdominal pain.And anyway, this drink is very relaxing after a hard day's work.After drinking a cup of green tea, you will feel a surge of energy, because this tea is rich in antioxidants, and many others, it is helpful for the female body the vitamins and substances.Green tea is also very helpful to you if you sit on a diet, it will provide you with all the necessary vitamins.The best green tea - a Chinese green tea highest grade.These grades are sold today in all stores.Our advice: Drink green tea for breakfast, and the body will thank you soon!

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