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The use of honey for the body

main components of honey are fructose and glucose - the most useful sugar.The main minerals contained in honey are magnesium, sodium, chlorine, sulfur, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, iodine, copper and phosphorus.Also honey contains a number of vitamins, namely vitamin C and B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6).Also, in small quantities in their composition contains hormones.But, in general, depend on the properties of honey in each case of where and by what flowering plants received.Select
quality honey is not easy.Natural honey little tears up the throat and has a floral-herbal flavor.With a spoon, he runs a flat jet, without breaks, the last drop of elasticity of the spring, on the palm of her heat, a drop of honey spreads evenly.The honey pot is not foliated.Over time, especially when exposed to cold temperatures, honey is able to crystallize, but at the same time he does not lose its beneficial properties.But all his honey is able to lose favor if heated above 45 degrees.
In cooking uses a variety of

honey.Pastries, desserts, drinks, sauces and even meat dishes - that's not a complete list of where the honey can be used.Honey in many tested recipes you can replace sugar, it will give the familiar dishes new spicy flavor and aroma.This is especially useful for people suffering from obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol.It is good to add honey in tea or milk, only necessary to make sure that the temperature of the drink did not exceed 45 degrees, otherwise the honey does not retain all its useful properties.In cosmetology
honey is good as masks and scrubs, very good for the skin and hair.Body scrub prepared from one part of honey, one part olive oil and three parts of sugar.Facial scrub of equal parts of honey, oatmeal and grated almonds.To give luster to hair, rinse them with water and a small amount of lime juice and honey.Even just inflicted on the skin 10 minutes before swimming, it significantly improves capillary circulation and skin appearance.
most daring use of honey found in medicine.This, of course, and the famous honey massage, especially on the back and chest where the honey exerts its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.This special application weight on the joints, because honey is able to retain calcium in the body.In particular, a known recipe of equal proportions of honey and aloe vera pulp with rye flour, added in an amount to obtain a dough, you need to put cake to aching joints.By mixing equal parts honey, lemon and garlic, we get a terrific immunomodulatory agent, necessary especially during epidemics of colds.On the basis of honey prepared special vitamins weight with dried fruits and nuts to combat chronic fatigue and spring beriberi.Honey can lubricate the burns, scrapes, scratches and frostbite, as honey has serious wound-healing properties, honey on the affected area, it is desirable to apply more often, several times a day.Among other things, this product has not only an antiviral and anti-bacterial properties, but also anti-fungal.Honey is the first assistant in the hangover, just two teaspoons will bring you back to normal, contributing to the removal of the body, and not only the decay products of alcohol, but alcohol itself.Honey active fighter with a cough, it dilutes and removes phlegm, it is desirable to use it with tea or milk.
eshte honey, it is useful to check many generations.Use honey to the body is very great.