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Cellulose - a source of health

Fiber split mainly in the intestine, but its nutritional value is incredibly small, ie in the tissue does not contain the right amount of calories, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins.In spite of this, fiber necessary and very important element of the right diet.Thanks, her back down many serious diseases, and digestive system is functioning properly.Also, because fiber provides a complete sense of fullness without the extra calories, it certainly helps to keep weight under control.Nutritionists advise on average every day to eat 20 grams of fiber, which is found in bread, legumes, vegetables, fruit and, of course, is a huge amount of fiber in cereals.

There are two types of fiber.And in order that we could maintain good health, we need both kinds.Soluble fiber contained in leafy vegetables and fruits, and oat bran, significantly reduces blood cholesterol.In turn, the insoluble fiber contained in the raw grains such as brown rice bran or flour and beans promotes good digestion.
Moreover, it still pre

vents constipation and other intestinal diseases.No insoluble or soluble fiber is not digested completely.Soluble fiber is cleaved by specific bacteria, after which by-products are formed, part of which enters the bloodstream, thereby reducing cholesterol.

portrayed different opinions in society at the expense of the extent to which insoluble fiber is cleaved.The fact is that when it passes through the digestive tract, cellulose absorbs a great amount of water that exceeds 15 times its own weight of fiber.Water absorbs the weight of aggravating circumstances the body of waste, which contributes to the rapid progress of the waste through the intestines.Science and scientists around the world have shown that due to the rapid advancement of the body of waste insoluble fiber prevents colon cancer.Hence the conclusion that people who consume large amounts of a variety of cereals, reduces the risk of developing this terrible disease like cancer rectum and colon.

few tips that have fiber in your life become a source of health:
- Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes to your diet is a combination of insoluble and soluble fiber it was optimal.
- eat a lot of unrefined, whole foods - brown soup, pasta, bread and bran.
- I try to start the day with breakfast, which consists of oatmeal, toast or bread with bran.
- themselves make themselves bread crumbs and croutons of bread with bran.
- eat most vegetables and fruits, can be hard brush to clean them and eat with the skin.
- instead of what to do and drink juice, eat the whole fruit.In almost six times more fiber contained in whole orange than a glass of juice.
- try to have a lot more asparagus and broccoli.
- add to stews, soups, salads, cooked peas, beans and lentils.
- possible add chopped or grated vegetables to sauces, salads, to dishes that are cooked in ceramic pots.
- if you strongly want something to eat, eat fruit or bread with bran.