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What does the salt chamber

you want to relax on the sandy beach and to feel on your skin the gentle touch of the waves?I would like to deeply inhale the salty sea air, smelling the absolute freedom and serenity?But you do not have time or opportunity to go on holiday to the sea?Now it is not necessary.

to create conditions similar to the natural, the walls are faced with special rooms specially sawn salt blocks.So built speleological where any free time a person can relax, improve your health and feel as if the sea.In addition to sea salt, speleological and build of red salt.The scientific name of the red salt - sylvinite.In our country, the main place of production of red salt - cave Solikamsk and Berezniki, Perm region.Silvinit - a unique and very ancient mineral formed during the time of the Paleozoic era and containing the remains of an ancient sea water.In a room lined with slabs of such a salt and equipped with additional special equipment, it created a special microclimate salutary effect on human health.Salt chamber is a
ble to give a sense of calm and measured, while mobilizing the body's defenses - the immune system, making the body appear more energy, increasing its capacity and lost health is restored.

known that being in conditions of high air ionization has beneficial effects on health.These conditions are in the mountains, near the mountain rivers and waterfalls, surrounded by greenery, and near the surf - all this gives the salt chamber.In such circumstances, the body are light, negatively charged air ions by exposure through the skin receptors and the respiratory tract.Improves the functioning of the respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems, accelerates regeneration of damaged tissues, and pain are reduced.This effect is achieved only when a certain number of ions that give speleological chambers, chemical nature of the climate which, together with the special equipment make it possible to achieve the desired content of negative ions.

These kind of "salt chamber" are staggering their therapeutic effect.The session being in speleological chamber for a period of 45 minutes replaces Spent 3 days at sea therapeutic effect.Regular same procedure of speleotherapy and does help to get rid of dermatological, respiratory diseases, from stress.

most up to date model speleological is called "Paleozoic cave."It avoids the disadvantages of previous models, one of which was the chance to hit household dust saturated air spray.This shortcoming substantially complicates maintenance speleological but "Paleozoic cave" he was eliminated.

speleological today installed in hospitals, clinics, prestigious sanatoriums and rest homes.The huge interest in them exhibit highly developed countries, with polluted industrial air, such as the US, Canada, Italy, Germany, France and Spain.And of course the scientists see a great prospect of application in health programs speleological residents polluted areas.