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How to treat a boil folk ways

term elimination boil no more than ten days.Timely contact your doctor, it will speed up your recovery.Pain will be held when the rod is removed.Independently delete it experts do not advise.Women suffer from it more often than children, but less often than men.
Furuncle appears on the skin area where there is a scalp.

How to determine the stage of the boil.
In the first stage there is redness.The area around the redness flows away.In most cases, boil ripens and bursts itself, on its own, without any help.But if this does not happen, then boil starts to tingle and ache.Then it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.Dermatologists prescribe antibiotics and can then all goes well.If it does not pass, then four days a void - purulent rod.Can increase the temperature.Then it is necessary to consult a surgeon.The third stage - the output shaft and the beginning of healing.

How to treat boils and what better to choose cream.
In the first step you can take advantage ichthyol ointment.It has antibacteria
l, anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effect.In the second stage, to quickly pull rod is better to use Vishnevsky ointment.When the rod will come out better use levomekol.The area around can be lubricated with boric alcohol.The bandage on the boil will protect it from dirt and moisture.You can also apply the lotion from peretёrtogo figs mixed with honey and wheat grains, it is also possible to add the grapes and mustard.

If boil appeared before staphylococci need to check the body.You can also examine the general health to chronic gastro - intestinal tract, high blood sugar levels and other disorders that weaken your immune system.The body must have enough vitamin B group can make medical yeast, special preparations.

Prohibited squeezing the boil - you can spread the infection throughout the argotizmov.If you manually remove a boil, you can leave on your face or scar void.Warm and wet compresses contraindicated.

autumn and spring, with strong temperature changes, boils appear more often, even on healthy skin.So try to avoid hypothermia and overheating.It is also better to strengthen your immune system.

a tendency to boils follow hygiene, especially in areas of frequent occurrence of boils.To do this, use antiseptic detergent.Risk factor may boil eczema, dermatitis, acne and pustular.

acne suggests that the heat source is not on the surface and in the depth of your skin.

How to cure a boil folk remedy.

should be cut into very small soap, that it would cover the bottom of the mug.Pour the milk to a little more than a soap.Boil on low heat mass of about 1 - 1.5 hours, stirring constantly, until the mixture thickens and does not like sour cream.Cool, impose on the boil and bandage bandage.Making lotion every day.

can also cure potatoes.Take not a big potato.Cut it in half and applied to the sore spot.Changed every 3 - 4 hours.

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