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Where to start living right

Take, for example, the lack of sleep.Most adults each night you need seven to nine hours of sleep.But we are masters convince yourself that we can do and fewer.However, people can not adapt to the lack of sleep, they can only think that adapted.Add to this the daily stresses and other vicissitudes of life - and before you realize what has happened, your hormones have begun to fail.Fatigue is the first sign of a good aging.The body works less efficiently.In fact, beginning to change your hormonal balance.Fortunately, there are simple ways to increase vitality.We asked a number of experts - from nutrition experts to sports psychologists - for the most recent advice on how to reduce fatigue and to add a spark to your life.

Physical activity is a powerful energy boost.This may be due to changes in the background brain hormones or metabolism, or it may be due to a break from stressoobrazuyuschih events that provide physical activities.Most likely, the complex set of influences of all three factors.In any ca
se, it raises the power of exercise very considerable: regular exercise increase energy and reduce fatigue by an impressive 20%.

necessary to start walking.At least 20 minutes to four days or more per week.Any kind of physical activity will have a positive effect, go easy and cheap and does not require additional equipment.In addition to the walk, to deal with all, what is the soul.But be careful not to reborrow.The frequent (two or more per day), intensive or long (over 90 minutes) of training rather exacerbate fatigue.

Most yoga classes contain both giving energy and relaxation poses - such a combination is more effective than pure relaxation.Yoga properly and gently reduces fatigue, even in patients with multiple sclerosis.Half an hour yoga stretching and breathing increase both physical and mental activity.

lift small weights.For example, to keep his desktop a weight of 4 kg (balloon with drinking water in a 5 L).When rolled forward longing, just raise and lower it 5-10 times with each hand, and the level will rise significantly.

Post stretch.Gymnastics Tai Chi Chi (TTSTS) uses slow, deliberate stretching of muscles that release the energy pathways.The feeling of cheerfulness, which is given exercises TTSTS, lasts very long.

Post Express charging.As a fast-acting tonic made a motion TTSTS "big drum".Stand with your knees bent, left foot slightly in front of right.The hands at chest level, palms facing each other and separated by about 20 cm. Slowly lower the arms, spreading them apart on reaching the abdomen, moving them in a circle in the direction of the body, as if you were tracing a large drum.When lowering the hands move your weight forward onto your left foot.When lifting the arms transfer weight back on the right foot.Repeat three to nine times.

Taki exercises will help you strengthen the body, arms and legs.A health for women - the most important thing.

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