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Common myths about thrush

Candida obmennyhprotsessah involved in white, and the fungus can find absolutely any woman, usually into the vagina, as well as on the skin, in the intestines or in the mouth.But under the influence of some factors onstanovitsya angrier and more aggressive, so it brings big problems.How to protect yourself from yeast infection?As nedopustit her appearance, or get rid of it?Doctors, advertising and girlfriends dayutmnogo advice, but illness does not disappear.And you all know how to fight and schem together?

Myth №1.All sorts of isolation and priznakivospaleniya - a thrush.

should know that vydeleniyanesut different character.The first thing to remember about normal obychnyhvydeleniyah that appear depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle.Onin odor and color.When thrush usually highlight ilipohozhi curdled into cream, thick, gray, white, or sometimes greenish.Such separation also have harakternogorezkogo odor.

How, then, to find out etozabolevanie?Identification signs can serve as a more o

r meneevyrazhennoe burning sensation or itching.Women who are allergic to Kandidubeluyu may suffer from itching silnee.Pri burning intimacy can bring discomfort.However, if vyzamechaete at such signs - etoesche does not mean that you have thrush.Pridrugih infections can also be symptoms.Only tests pomogutubeditsya that you thrush.

Myth №2.Thrush can be detected only pripomoschi DNA diagnostics.Other methods are not as effective and are already old.

PCR (DNA-diagnostics) dlyavyyavleniya candidiasis is not suitable.Using such diagnostic mozhnovyyavit only DNA of microorganisms, moreover, such a method may identify a minimum quantity dazhesamoe fungus.Noeto does not mean that you develop thrush: We have already stated that vorganizme each of the fairer sex has this fungus.Pridiagnostike thrush need not determine the presence of Candida, and the number koloniyetogo fungus.Crops mold and smear microscopy - the main methods vyyavleniyamolochnitsy.To do this, the doctor should take a swab from the vagina and examine egopod microscope.If you infitsirovanygribkom, then the cells visible fungus pretty good smear.After sowing etogoprodelyvayut Candida on special media, and then calculate kolichestvovyrosshih colonies.If zhenschinyopredelili that the colonies grew more than the norm, then diagnosed razvitiekandidoza.This method of determining the yeast not only effektivneeDNK diagnosis, but also much cheaper.

Myth №3.Determine the type of fungus Candida netsmysla, they are all the same.

Thrush can lechitbezrezultatno also because not all types of fungus can vylechitopredelennymi drugs.If dolgoevremya woman treats thrush, but can not get rid of it, then sleduetsdelat analysis to determine the species Candida.

Myth №4.The most important causes of thrush -upotreblenie sweet and wearing tight underwear.

razvitiyamolochnitsy The main reason for this is primarily hormonal changes the body, kotoroeproiskhodit during pregnancy (imennobuduschie moms suffer most thrush), diabetes, hormonal contraceptives priprieme drugs and other medications prizabolevaniyah thyroid.Candida can turn into a dangerous paraziticheskoesostoyanie when a woman is treated with antibiotics for a long time because etosnizhaet immunity and leads to dysbiosis.If a woman wears a tight underwear, then the appearance of thrush is not affected.However, it may tolkoposodeystvovat.It should be noted that synthetic underwear narrow sohranyaetteplo very bad, so when a woman is in the winter, is supercooled.Candidiasis can develop a weak immune system ipereohlazhdenie.But excessive consumption of sweets can also tolkorazvit disease, especially in the case where the thrush - a chronic disease.

Myth №5.Excellent prevention of candidiasis - primeneniespetsialnyh means of intimate hygiene.

In normal acidic environment of the vagina - is a powerful obstacle to the penetration and development of infections.To form such a barrier, the lactic acid bacteria are involved.

Antibacterial soap and gel for intimate gigienyne can figure out where the good bacteria and bad where so izbavlyayutsyaot everyone.With sprintsevaniyamozhno disturb and wash normal microflora in the vagina.When vlagalischeostaetsya no perfect environment, begin to develop fungus Candida.Therefore, to suppress the immune system peredboleznyami female pretty easily.The vagina is a such a body, which is able to purify yourself, so "clean" in addition it does not need.Moreover, the need for hygiene obychnayavoda, nothing more.

must say that panty liners also mogutposposobstvovat development of thrush.Vmestenormalnymi secretions fungus appears on the strip, which yavlyaetsyaidealnoy temperature and ideal environment that is created by our body, dlyarazvitiya Candida.Ne need to abandon all gaskets, just change them more often.

Mif№6.If you once went to a doctor and received recommendations for treatment, toteper you can use them all the time.

Several times you can help one way to deal sgribkom, but the time will come when this method becomes ineffective.Candida imeetsposobnost get used to certain drugs, resulting lechenieperestanet bring effect.

Mif№7.The best and most effective drugs for thrush should be taken tolkoodin times.

All preparations for the treatment of candidiasis, divided into oral medications (pills) and topical medications (ointments, suppositories).Select the drug is necessary, depending on the degree of razvitiyamolochnitsy, individual tolerance of the drug and the type of fungus.Moreover, select the medicine should tolkospetsialist doctor.Of course, it udobnoispolzovat drug for the treatment of fungus once.But do not forget that you have to eliminate not a disease, and the cause of its occurrence.Thrush should be treated kompleksnymsposobom, so you need to destroy not only the pathogen, but also predotvratitpovtornoe his appearance.

Mif№8.Both sex partners need treatment for thrush.

Before treatment seksualnogopartnera force, you must make the necessary tests to find out whether negogribok.If candidiasis are not, then it should not be treated because chtonechego.

Mif№9.You can get rid of the yeast in the home machine IR-therapy type of "Uro-Biofon."

such devices to be treated in any sluchaenelzya.No need to believe reklamnymrolikam because such drugs are not antimicrobial.Obyazatelnoskhodite to the doctor so that he can assess the situation and prescribe a treatment that will really help.

Mif№10.Chronic yeast infection can not be cured.

In fact, chronic candidiasis can be stopped, except that it would require more patience, time and effort.With a good, complex treatment mozhnovylechit thrush forever.Moreover, further preventive measures to help prevent the appearance of fungus again.

Mif№11.Thrush - a disease transmitted only through sexual contact.

is not obligatory.Even virgins can byturogenitalny candidiasis.Simptomynachinayut occur due to severe diseases due to lower immunity, while taking antibiotics and hormonal imbalance.

Mif№12.Thrush does not need treatment - she goes.

This approach is fundamentally wrong.If you do not predprinimatnikakih measures, the thrush itself is not going anywhere.It can only ostrogozabolevaniya turn into chronic.In some cases there are complications, for example, cystitis, or urethritis.

For pregnant women thrush is doubly dangerous because they can cause premature birth, abortion, intrauterine infection of the fetus, and after the appearance of a baby into the world, privestik endometritis.Therefore, to deal with thrush a must anyway.