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How to start losing weight

How to start to lose weight?

Find the adherents

This will keep you from failing.As you discuss the difficulties and the ways out of this situation.It is very difficult to admit their defeat when your friend cope with the emerging obstacles.

Keep a journal

It is necessary to have in order not to be deceived about their achievements.In the diary you write all the information about how the proceeds diet.Diary need to trust all the most secret how much you ate, if all proceeds according to plan and was a failure, for whatever reason.If you spend training, then write down how many calories managed to burn for one workout.Record the weight in the morning and analyze the reasons for reduction or increase in weight.

Scales and tape measure

order to monitor changes in the size and weight, you need scale and tape measure.Today, there are scales that point, due to a weight you lose weight: fat or muscle.

Get a table of caloric

It is necessary to always control the amount of calories consumed.

Keep counting calories, in portions, and throughout the day.

amount of water consumed

Entries Specify the number of drunk water per day, as the volume of water should be drunk on the day of not less than 2.5 liters.Otherwise, your body is cleansed of toxins and weight loss will be promoted not as effective.

«Clean» refrigerator

Before diet necessarily clean the fridge from all harmful to avoid unnecessary temptations.Purchase the necessary products.
If you decide to lose weight by reducing caloric content, then you should have the following suite of products: vegetables, herbs, cereals, muesli, honey, lemon, cheese, yogurt and skim milk, oranges and apples, dried fruit, poultry or lean meat,fish, olive oil and pasta from durum wheat.If you are going to have a suite of products, you will be able to diversify their menus and at the same time reduce the calories.

psychological factor

order to trick your body is hungry, you should eat a small plate, with useful food to fill its need to the brim.Since a large half-empty plate on the body has a negative effect, almost always want to add more food.
Do not start eating in a bad mood or irritable condition, because in this state, even people with a strong will power can break away and start eating everything that comes to hand, regardless of the consequences.Please calm down, take valerian, listen to soft relaxing music.Only after you calm down, you can eat according to your planned diet, if any.Otherwise, you will be tortured remorse, and you will be disappointed in yourself.

Positive emotions

to start losing weight properly, you must have the most important thing - a positive attitude.Positive emotions will lead you to the goal.Negative negative emotions lead to the fact that the body at the first opportunity to try to make up for all the lost calories.Nobody wants your cherished figures in the balance, if your face is the constant discontent and your thoughts are only about cakes and pies.