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How to set yourself on a diet?

Let's look at the main reasons for the desire to lose weight.This may include taking care of their health, as well as concern that the surrounding people will perceive us.And gets the same dilemma: how to set yourself on a diet.We all know that a healthy lifestyle helps maintain longevity and beauty, as well as the desire of harmony and happiness.But do happy people who are forced to constantly feel hungry, pace yourself with endless workouts, go under the surgeon's knife?Their life is subordinated to one idea, which becomes obsessive not eat nothing more, do not miss class in the gym, do not miss the chance to buy the "magic" pill.They can not comfortably be close to the people to eat, can not afford to relax and enjoy such seemingly mundane and simple pleasures.

, however, has long been aware of the negative impact of obesity on health.And he is there an answer to the question, it is necessary to lose weight.So this is not just a problem of appearance.Indeed, the extra weight cause serious injury.Thei

r presence contributes to the development of various complications, such as, for example, diabetes, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, stroke, and even cancer.Do not forget about the problems of the psychological plan: low self-esteem and complexes, toxic human life.Getting rid of these troubles is given at times harder than the hardest diet.

Obesity - a direct consequence of the way of life of man, his relation to nutrition and physical activity.Therefore, people think seriously about changing your body, you can not miss to recommend and evaluate their internal state - your view of the world, to life, its role in the world.They should realize that not just want to "remove a couple of kilos," but transformed into a new one - a healthy and beautiful, both externally and internally - personality.It should be understood that it is not enough, and the magician will not make anyone irresistible, but the daily discipline that brings joy to be able to help in this difficult matter.Here we have in mind not fixed idea, and a completely different way of life for the person who realized how delicious can be a salad of fresh vegetables and juicy fruit food from fast food, I felt and appreciated feeling of lightness of movement instead of dyspnea and severity, stopped andstaring at his reflection in the window.It is necessary to our body "rasprobovat" such an approach, as he begins to "ask for" more and at this moment the main thing - is to listen to yourself, ask yourself these questions: "Do I really want to eat additive or a requirement habits?", "I wish youI sit by the TV or is it worth cycling in a shady park? ".If you are sensitive, you can make out from under the pile of layers of habits and laziness Your body will tell you that the possibility of joy in exercise.After the famous endorphins, hormones of happiness, are produced not only by the reception of chocolate, but also in sports;thus they likewise affect the pleasure center in our brain.In addition they can be obtained (that would hardly surprise you) when having sex, which is a great tool to keep in shape and the most that neither is a good mood.

slimming can recommend a decent movie BBC «10 things you did not know about weight loss", and do not forget about the simple rules, such as a balanced diet (including a delicious, but useful and high-calorie meals), as well as increased physical activity(not boring and exhausting training on simulators, but the favorite sport of the game, which bring pleasure and delight).

Finally we wish all the harmony, and many bright moments in your healthy and happy life!You love yourself and your body, listen to it and it will tell you what is best for him!

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