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How to lose weight quickly before the New Year

1. Diary power
Many nutritionists recommend keeping a diary of physical activity and nutrition.Initially it seems that the blog only robs you precious minutes and it is simply useless.If we follow what you eat, you can understand from what may be waived in the following days.Therefore, a sandwich before dinner and two cookies can evaporate from memory.If you look at the diet, it can be concluded, where did the extra weight.And if you record the hours when the hands reach for starchy foods and sweets, then you will understand that at this time you need to yourself something to do.

2. What do we have in the plate
According to experts, there are no forbidden foods.It is necessary to calculate the ratio: 90% usable food and 10% favorite, so it is often harmful.If this method is cruel to you, then use the second method.Put in a bowl the usual norm of food aside and back, and is exactly half.You will not go hungry and do not have to put food on the eye.Because of a spoon followed by a second and then a

third.It also does not fit?Take a smaller plate, your subconscious mind after a meal tells you that do not need to have, as it will be 2 servings.

3. The house is not for sweet food
We will tell you the familiar and the simple truth is that you bring in, you are sure to eat.After all, I want to eat at home, standing next to the computer and TV.That's in your mouth and put the spoon for spoon.After work, never take home for the evening anything from sweets, biscuits, flour and fat.Allow yourself in a cafe with a cup of coffee only child, and had let the diner lead their husband.

4. Water is the key to health
If you go to a restaurant or to visit, drink it before eating one cup of water.Water will bring down your appetite.If you are overweight, it is necessary to increase the amount of water to two and a half liters per day.Doctors say that along with weight problems arise from the fact that disrupted water-salt metabolism.It is caused by different reasons: heart failure, hormonal malfunction and so on.But the facts speak for themselves, and drinking water need.Morning is also useful to begin with a glass of clean water.Do not put an equal sign between any liquid and water, is a huge mistake.Carbonated soft drinks and lead to what is allocated gastric juice, which stimulates hunger.Therefore we can say diet "goodbye" when the drink a glass of the liquid.

5. The method of carrot and stick
If you worked on a figure, such as eat less of some products, encourage and praise yourself.For example, a 10-minute charge in the morning put in his piggy bank a thousand rubles.And the New Year, you can afford a new trousers and a jacket, because this month will change your figure.But if you missed the lesson, all deferred coin you lose.

Two express diet:
1) lose ten kilos in three weeks,
2) quickly lose weight by 5 kg for 3 days.

Before the New Year remains a matter of days, and it is impossible to get into your favorite suit or dress, but it does not matter, it's all temporary.These diets allow for a few weeks, days to throw up to 10 kilograms.

1. Express diet allows for three weeks to lose up to 10 kilograms
In the first two days, drink half a liter of nonfat yogurt, 1 tbsp.fresh tomato juice with no added salt, and 2 slices of rye bread.Between yogurt, bread and juice should be a break of at least thirty minutes.
3rd and 4th days should be protein.
for breakfast or tea with milk, organic coffee, ch. L.butter, a slice of rye bread, half a teaspoon of honey.
for lunch - 100 grams of cooked meat or fish, 1 tbsp.lean meat or fish broth, a slice of rye bread.
Snack - a cup of yogurt, sour milk, milk and 1.5% h. Liter.honey.
supper no later than 19:00 - 2 eggs, 100 grams of cooked meat, 50 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and cheese.One hour after dinner to drink a glass of nonfat yogurt.

5th and 6th days -
vegetables for breakfast - coffee or tea, orange or apple 2,
Lunch - vegetable soup, salad without potatoes.
At lunch - 3 kiwis, 2 oranges and 2 apples.
for dinner - salad of carrots, beets, cabbage salad, a slice of rye bread, tea.

Then you need to go back to the first two days of the diet, and so keep the diet for three weeks.During the diet you need to drink daily up to 2 liters of still mineral water or boiled water.As condiments and sauces should be used fresh and dried herbs - basil, dill, parsley and so on.Do not add salt or pepper.Carbonated drinks, alcohol, sugar banned.

How to lose weight fast?
second rapid diet will help you lose weight in three days up to 5 kilograms
This diet is not easy to sustain, but it's worth it.
a half liter of kefir divided into 6 receptions, drink at regular intervals.You need to drink small sips, but do not gulp.
breakfast is ready in the evening 3 tbsp.l.buckwheat, pour 1 tbsp.yogurt and place it in a cool place.In the morning swollen buckwheat mix and eat slowly.
During the day, drink 2 liters of mineral water without gas or coffee or tea without sugar, but drinking these drinks 30 minutes after drinking yogurt.
Finally, we add that thanks to these rapid diet, you can quickly lose weight for the New Year to lose those extra kilos, then you do not have to think that your favorite dress will stay in the closet.

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