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It is a quick way to lose weight

if eaten at night for a piece of chocolate cake you have to pay 500 rubles for a week or unpleasant to perform household duties, dessert lose its appeal.When a certain amount of money at stake, or your commitment to do something, you will find it harder banal excuses, "Okay, I'll start a diet on Monday," - or, "I'll go to the gym in a week."You have to control myself, because failure can literally cost you dearly.Moreover, the dispute shame to lose: not only who want to pass and weak-willed man.Betting on the loss of extra kilos can also help you feel better.Studies have shown that gambling controversy, like the game, activate the same areas of the brain as some drugs from a number of opiates!

bets, gentlemen

argue with someone from the family that you are over a certain period of time lose weight - the most simple.Much more important is to find a "support group" for further weight loss: Understanding friend, colleague, or even made a bet with her husband and children.You can even argue with myself

, to appoint a prize for every small victory.And if you lose, determine a penalty, for example, put the money to charity, a children's home or a hospital.You can negotiate with your friends that will provide them with weekly reports in numbers.You can start a blog in the social network on the theme "I entered into a contract with" specify the type of "contract", such as pledging to lose weight, start to play sports and / or time to go to bed (it is a good prevention of obesity!).

• Set a reasonable goal for weight loss.If you try to lose weight and lose weight in a very short period of time, you risk quickly gain it back.The classic rule is that a week women can drop about 0.5 kg, males - up to 1 kg.Because of regular hormonal changes in the body, you may experience unexpected fluctuations in weight, and even a small increase, for example, before menstruation.But do not let that bother.Your victory at this stage is that you push yourself to do sports, and limited food.

• Choose a worthy opponent.Best opponent - the one you really want to beat, and who will not give you favors.Indulgence will put your opponent bets at risk.We need this, who will not let you relax.Choose great prizes or penalties ... tedious.And not necessarily material.The award must be real, but rather a welcome for you.For example, if you made a bet with her husband that the loser gets to the baby at night during the week.Or winner gets coffee in bed and foot massage.

• Decide what you will do.Even if you win the bet, the risk of failure is high, as it often happens.To this did not happen, continue to bet!This will help you maintain the achieved weight and stay in shape.And to feel the taste of his own victory - because you were able to break the bank!

Tips those who managed to lose weight:

  • Control your portion size.Whatever you are accustomed to snacking, start with the fact that a cut portion.And gradually pinch eating "bad" foods to a minimum.
  • to report on progress.Keep a journal, which will capture the dynamics of the process, with the condition that an independent observer would have the right to control the process.
  • Exercise regularly - there are no exceptions.Exercise - the first and most important step on the road to excess weight loss.Start small, gradually adding the load, it is not customary for your lifestyle.For example, include a schedule of trips.
  • Eat more fiber.Regularly eat more fruits, vegetables and cereal products.They will help you get enough without overloading the body with unnecessary calories, fats and carbohydrates.In addition, fiber reduces the absorption of cholesterol.

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