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phenomenal success of this action is not about vampires in the last prerogatives love life is dictated by the lessons that are taught in the book and movie, dictated by her.Thoughts celebrities in this film are entitled to a review of the constancy with romance.It is about them can be found in the "Twilight" exception handling will be awake and sparkle in the sun.In this article, we will consider not that the thoughts of celebrities from the "Twilight" saga itself will help us to provide interesting details about the love life between men and women.In the film, the main relationship - a simple man, not vampires and werewolves.The main lessons of celebrities about love - good and bad, tell us of the heroes of the film project itself.

mood swings.

During the whole movie is not surprising to note the constant and severe pain of the family of Edward Cullen and his sudden changes of mood.Excessive nervousness, according to psychologists - an unhealthy sign.Noticeable changes in mood, without the expres

s reasons may prompt some to domestic violence.Both partners, positive thinking, confident, stable people - most good marriages.The guy is not in the mood, you can ask him to get out of the room where you are present, at least for a while.He has time to go, and then, when the mood is normal, be replaced - this is the opinion of the love of psychologists.

Erected on a pedestal.

love experiences Bella Edward - almost to the point of idolatry.Mental her meal dreadful when Swann is not with him.This is also some kind of opinion about love: do not create an idol of the desired partner.Love is better not only Man, but mainly sense itself.There is a considerable imbalance in love?Communication is extremely unhealthy.Sexual relations occur nice if both partners have a healthy view of self.The relationship is still on the verge of obsession?Try to catch your breath and reconsider their better.Male gender should not be erected on a pedestal.Immediately Go down it from the place, and stand up to this place for yourself.Better to let it to you "pray."

Love - not a cure.

male sex change for the sake of his beloved only in the movies.In the event that such would have happened in modern life, the world would not have been known to abuse in the family with dirty socks, all located around the apartment.Do not like the ill-Man, like love will make it only worse.His behavior you their feelings and justify.Rose-colored glasses have to be removed, and think you will be able to make his bad habits - it is one opinion with celebrities about love.

Easy jealousy.

Often as Edward and Jacob faced foreheads because the same girl - Bella.Do not count!The zeal for the people can go into the real destructive power.Small doses of the allowed, it's even good for the relationship.It is important to sometimes hint male sex, that you - the object concerning not only his worship.So, you can keep in a certain voltage a man, pushing him to think about more specific solutions.Easily and gracefully, as hints, you need to present them with far-fetched.

Modesty is not a hindrance.

protagonist of Edward - almost a virgin - a typical loner.Sometimes it is like demure become especially the best partners (stunning lovers!) - According to psychologists.These men - good listeners, which is especially needed for women who love to pour out his soul.Not always demure voice, so what they want - for fear of somehow hurt you.Just encourage them better.It may even sound worth having a sexual fantasy.In turn, he is likely to share his intimate preferences.

true knight.

There is an interesting scene in the movie when Bella almost drove the car, and Edward immediately rushed to her aid.Help is happening constantly.Of itself it is not necessary to do hypersensitive lady who is unable to walk across the street on their own.Independent women, oddly enough, sometimes also need a third-party support.The woman is not available to it indicates a need for a man?Besides, he's just not able to appear in her life?Better to let it well help you, though once again!Look you, therefore, will not only become more feminine and sexy in his passionate eyes, wanting a lot from you.

Together forever.

At the time, when Bella becomes a man - a vampire, she has no way back.More fragile "thing", the substance - the love between the two halves.Less valuable, although this does not.Keep as the main jewel, here's what you need.Neither the years with stress, or all sorts of rivals, it will not be subject to.It is better not to take love as a thing for granted in life.Work in progress - your marriage.

Let thought about the love of the celebrities we can not solve, they are responsible for the actions of their favorite characters in the movie.Undoubtedly, this film project will teach many appreciate, respect, really love those who are unspeakably dear to us.The main thing is to be able to see the true values, goals in the saga, and just to be able to understand that life is a place of true love.

let many it may seem a typical woman's film, but.... From it you can scoop up a lot of interesting, important and necessary for love.With a similar love, many will be the happiest.

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