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How to eat to lose weight and look younger?

eat dinner - and no more crumbs until the morning!In the first couple of weeks of weight really will go away, but then tired body refuses to lose weight.That's why you should choose another method of parting with excess weight.Lack dinner - stress to the body.Receive less amount of energy in the evening, he eventually begins to demand of sweet and fat - like the quickest and easiest energy sources.So the victim of the "do not eat after 18:00" breaks, goes to inordinate power and with such difficulty gaining the lost weight.

desire is only in the morning and "the day is contrary to the normal needs of the organism.Vitamins, minerals and nutrients, with many different and it needs throughout the day.For two meals impossible to cover these needs.Permanent shortage of energy and nutrients leads to fatigue, stress and pulls a lot of health problems.

chained themselves into the framework of the food mode "only breakfast and lunch," we will strive unconsciously compensate for the lack dinner.The result is ea

ten first, second, compote, dessert and tea with buns.In one sitting.Moreover - some products simply do not fit together.So, like, as well as eaten, but have not learned the necessary vitamins.Furthermore, due to increased volume of food stretched stomach discomfort occurs, gravity can appear inflammation and gastritis.Therefore, most experts advocate split meals small meals 3-5 times a day.

long breaks between meals are contrary to the natural rhythms of the body, harmful to the liver and gallbladder.The body produces digestive enzymes and stomach acid continuously and at regular intervals.The main call to what is good to eat - a natural feeling of hunger, which normally occurs after 3-4 hours after you eat.And more than once a day, at least three.

French experts came to the conclusion that the constant long-term (more than 12 hours) abstinence from food by 80% reduces the effect of the treatment of obesity.To the metabolism does not slow down, it should eat right and it must be maintained - small portions of food throughout the day, not just the first half of it.Lack of dinner - if the signal "danger" in which he goes into emergency mode saving and does not want to part with the precious fat reserves.

Lose weight under the slogan "dinner - no!" Is mainly not due to fat (as we want to), but due to the depletion of muscle mass (the harsh truth of life).Research shows that those who ate a low-fat dinner protein combined with vegetables, successfully lost weight, and due to the loss of fat.Those who did not eat in the evening, lose weight slowly and mainly due to the muscles.After all, the body is designed so - when cutting the energy value of it reaching for his reserves and the first thing reason for protein.Fat comes in consumption in the last turn.If all you need is supplied regularly in the required quantity, the excess fat successfully dissolved.

And finally - the theory that evening we do not need power, does not unfounded.Weight loss in case of failure of the dinner is provided only in that way will automatically curtailed total energy content of the diet and nothing else.

As well, you can gradually reduce the volume and the energy value of each meal, including dinner, and learn how to eat to lose weight and look younger.Therefore, experts do not raise the question of when there is, and what and in what quantities.After metabolism and calories are released during the run, and during sleep.Just to run, energy needs more than to sleep.Therefore, breakfast can be more tightly, and dinner - easier.But it should be.

All written does not mean that now you can with a clear conscience to come home in the evening and umyat double portion of fries with chops.This dinner, and the truth, it is better to give to the enemy.The body begins to prepare for the evening deserved night's sleep - he would have something light to appease hunger, and rest easy.If the failure to fill the stomach, it will have to digest it all.So there is a feeling of heaviness, nausea, disturbed sleep, eventually accumulating excess weight.

way, it is often too dense dinners - the reason for the reluctance to breakfast to lose weight.Therefore, in the evening it is not necessary to starve yourself, but prefer something light, in small amounts and eat for a couple of hours before you go to bed.Top choices - vegetables in any form, solo or in combination with an egg, a small piece of lean meat or fish.Also good cottage cheese, kefir, sour milk - they are rich in calcium, and it is absorbed by the night.

It is also possible snack at bedtime - for example, the dinner (again, no frills) 5-6 pm, and before going to bed drink a cup of yogurt, milk, eat some yogurt or unsweetened fruit.By the way, that night had a desire to swallow an elephant for the day is to systematize the food, there is little, but full.You will not suffer either from heaviness in the stomach, or from hunger.In the morning wake up cheerful, relaxed and with a healthy appetite for a good breakfast, which is known, marks the beginning of the day.But this - somehow another time.