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An easy way to lose weight quickly

We invite you to spend three-week nutrition program.Its principles: ratio and a set of products to help the body adapt to the soft healthy diet.

menu consists of simple dishes that are prepared easily.

Fractional 5-6 meals a day intervals between meals - no more than 2.5 hours.This eliminates the wolf's appetite and eliminates the need for a smaller amount of food.But the main thing: to maintain an active metabolism - three weeks the level could rise by 5-15%.This contributes to a mild drop weight, and lost weight will not return.

program easy way to lose weight quickly is not limited portions.To harmony combined with the vigor necessary to determine the physiological norm of consumed food.This is the amount of food, in which you will not feel hungry, but also will not suffer from a feeling of heaviness and satiety.It is individual and depends on the size of the stomach.Determine your rate, you can use a little experiment: to vote the volume and weight of their usual portion, record figures, then cal

mly eat all wait 20 minutes (to signal saturation entered the brain) and write down their feelings.

to do so for two or three days.Estimate how many times and how many of you felt a glut eaten, then reduce the dose by 20% and then write down feelings.If this number you filled, after three days, remove another 20% of the original volume.So this week, bring a portion to half the original.If you feel that you it is not sufficient, increase the dose by 10% (from the original volume).Just identify the individual rate of food, you can go to a normal diet and achieve weight loss.

program takes into account that sometimes you can go on a trip, to spend a weekend away from home and end up at the festive table, when the opportunity to strictly follow the menu - difficult when an easy way to lose weight quickly.Just choose from is the maximum possible light meals and moderation.

If the column specified "favorite dish", you can cook what you love or use the suggested recipes.An indispensable condition: a treat to eat slowly, with pleasure, with the beautifully laid table.And keeping your rate.

If the graph is not specifically indicated, some cookies or candies prefer, then you can choose the most-favorite.Motto - do not give up pleasures, but to observe moderation.

Alcohol in moderation is possible.Dry wine (especially red) promotes weight-loss and increases metabolism.Cognac is also a good "burner" fats.But the wine should be drunk during the meal, and cognac - as a digestif.

Sex - the best amplifier metabolism to lose weight.What it is, the thinner is better, the higher the body's immunity.In those days, as he specified, - is required in those where Unknown - wishes!

Water regime - at least 1.5 liters of carbonated pure water a day, and remember: in sweet drinks and juice a lot of sugar.

Dairy select a minimum fat content, and you will thus be able to lose weight quickly.Discard the industrial sauces like mayonnaise, ketchup and so on. N. (They have a lot of sugar), less salt to food and do not use burning spices (they stimulate the appetite).

parsley, dill, basil, dry seasoning mixes like Provence or Italian herbs and lemon juice - the green light.They decorate the taste of food and also have useful properties, from which you can lose weight.Dill, for example, helps to remove excess fluid from the body.If possible, choose natural products with a minimum shelf life and a short list of "E" on the package.

prefer lean meat - beef or chicken, and fish - fat varieties.One embodiment of the preparation of healthy and wholesome food to lose weight this recipe.

Rice noodles with seafood:

will be needed:

1 pack cocktail of seafood;

1/2 packs of rice noodles, 1/2 of the bulb;

2 stalks celery 2 tomatoes (or tomato paste pack);

2 tbsp.l.vegetable oils;

2 zubochka garlic, salt.

In a deep skillet heat the oil.It lowered the finely chopped garlic, onion and celery.Simmer until tender, introduce frozen seafood.At this time, for one minute in boiling water to boil rice noodles.In a frying pan add the diced tomatoes (or tomato paste and 100 ml of water), a good warm.Connect the sauce and noodles, stir and cook another couple of minutes.

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