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Lose weight, a success story

success story in trying to lose weight can be a lot, and we should not be jealous.For thinner girlfriend can only loud and sincerely rejoice - because she, trying to lose weight, counting primarily on the approval of those around her new image and appearance.

Each of us - especially a unique organism.Most often, we really do not know, do not know its needs and opportunities, approaches to it.This means that if your friend could lose weight - it is not always a success story can help you.Such stories often, inspire no less than a friend, feats.But in fact, they may only have to push a little zrevshemu decision to take up the health and beauty of the body with the utmost seriousness, and return it to its original state.

For those who want to write their success story, offer little guidance on "success stories."

  • immediately "sweep aside" as untenable all stories monopitaniya.If two weeks in a row have a spoonful of buckwheat in the morning and in the evening, of course, you can lose weight.But whether
    this will be added health?Hardly.Also, "Fairy Tale" declare casual weight loss - for example, by changing the place of work and residence, climate (three months on the beach, plus some food fruit harmony will return to many).
  • no less harsh and situations where weight loss - forced.In diseases, contact the hospital, removing part of the intestine or stomach are often even very curvy ladies easy to lose weight.But such a "good" weight loss enemy does not want.Besides, usually grown thin in a way not boast of their "success", regretting health deteriorated.
  • Exhausted sports - there, in the basket labeled "empty chatter."Even at relatively low loadings - hiking walks - and excess weight load on the kneecaps increases enough to get worried.That is, first working with the weight, and with the improvement of the situation - adding load as much as the body of requests.

The "bottom line" is exactly what we are interested in.And now we observe carefully listen friends, acquaintances and colleagues.And only conclude try out their technique on yourself.What is important to consider, listening to stories of success and comparing efficiency and works to reset excess weight?

Time hudeniya

summer frankly easier to lose weight - in the heat and do not want to eat.It is enough to eliminate the evening and night "HANGING ICE DAMS," and it will be very easy to lose weight - weight loss success story of the obvious.In winter interfere purely mental characteristics - for example, for southerners living in the "Central Russia", characterized by fear.

fear freeze, fear of death, and a few more.They act secretly, but surely, making it difficult to lose weight, and a success story - a winter weight loss - it is a miracle will focus on results, and more.This friend need to listen carefully - if in six months her weight did not come back, for sure it has not only a success story, a way to lose weight, but also more serious "tricks of the trade."They can take and apply - that is, "first-hand".


slimming Seriously ladies aged 40+ years - it is quite a feat.But to lose weight over the summer by 20 kg 16-year-old girl, does not cost anything.Especially that the metabolism fueled by natural factors and excellent diet that brings results, and may be summer on the sea, and cycling with friends in the country.

With age, the process of weight loss affects two things: metabolism gradually slows down and hormonal.Roughly speaking, the 45-year-old woman may indeed "one water" to gain weight.So do not compare the runaway success of 20-year-old girl and a couple of kilos, which has managed to lose middle-aged woman.


You would not believe that the long-mounted success could give some "diet", designed for 7-10 days.In most cases, if you compare the number of success stories, more effective weight loss can boast of those who lose weight slowly for a few kilos in a month, and during this transition to a stable diet.

course, do not eat after six in the evening - an important argument.But if the working day ends at seven, at home you appear in the eight and the last meal was at lunch - that this "regime" is able to give a negative effect.The body does not get the nutrients more than 4 hours at a time, slow down the metabolism to cope with this scourge.Bottom line: you eat less and lose weight even less.


Sport for health and achieve very different.And whoever accompanies each eaten muffin hour Exhausted simulator, partly right.Another thing is that physical activity - it's only companion, not the main element of the success stories.And even more certainly that every woman can pick up a nice, but not exhausting workload.Sauna and swimming pool, long walks in a pleasant pace on a stationary bike for 15 minutes, but the pair approaches a day - all worthy components of your future success stories.

natural result

Everyone has their own idea of ​​success, but "over your head" without prejudice to the health virtually impossible.No magic pills, no starvation did not achieve the effect, which allows the combination of a competent food and daily use.Take your time and do not "hang" on the results of small, enclosing a significant, but not excessive force - and you can write your story of success in the difficult task of bringing his body in order.