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How to lose weight without exhausting diets

As for diet, there many successful dieters in your life, as shown by personal experience, diet, are associated not only with weight loss, but with the constant irritation, tension, depressed mood, and a breakdown.When the food drop, as a result of returns from stock to lose weight.

women are unique and different, not everyone can be too thin.After all, a woman should be a woman.This means that there must be no protruding ribs and bones, and the soft feminine curves of the body.This does not mean that you need not care about themselves and to grow fat.Throughout the measure is necessary, we will help you identify it.

lose weight without exhausting diets

You have to eat the way you want, but you need to follow the relevant rules.Food imposes on a saucer with a slide, and eat what you like.When you chew, you are better to soften it and load much faster.But, you wanted.And the last time we eat four hours before bedtime.If you go at midnight, you can dine in 20 hours.

properly distribute t

he food
If you want to eat a piece of cake, then do not eat it at night, and at lunch.If the evening is a corporate, then that day will reduce to a minimum the breakfast and dinner, and before a holiday drink small sips 2 cups of warm water.And even if you want to eat a big bowl of borscht, confined to a small plate, if we can not doterpet until tomorrow before lunch.

drink water
the day of not less than one and a half liters a day.To this we must accustom ourselves to fail.And the more we drink, the less we eat.If you like tea, go for green tea, it is well stabilizes digestion.Teas slimming drink before bedtime.They perfectly will affect digestion.Who is on sale very tasty and healthy juices without sugar.

Buy pans on which all fried without oil.Scrambled eggs, cooked in a pan, will not be worse than if it is to cook with butter.Drink vitamins.Eventually you will come to the habit, the main thing - to follow the rules.Weight will gradually go to 3 kilograms per month.It is not so little, because you will not return to this weight.

For many, this is a terrible combination.Let's start with the fact that the exercise you will have to deal with, because it is necessary to tighten the skin and form curves of the body.But it does not mean that we need to deal with on a daily basis for an hour in the gym.Of course, if you want, you can do this, but experience shows that few women find the time to visit the gym regularly.House is unrealistic to do.

Enroll in dance
After all, women need to develop flexibility, not strength.Swing press three times a day will reduce your belly and make him only more.Because the muscles will grow, and the fat is reduced.But you do not need it, but the dancing slowly make the fat melt away.

Have sex
At constant partner it would be the best tool to keep fit, and should play an active role.And if you do not do it often, there is a chance to surprise a loved one.

Cosmetic procedures
Every woman wants to be pampered different cosmetics.But revise their money - you need to have in the arsenal of those who would have the effect of correcting the figure, for example, with caffeine.

This is a good way to cleanse and skin tightening.These campaigns to maintain the beauty should be permanent.If it works, it should be done once a week.If you can not, then arrange home beauty treatments, but do it regularly.

Excellent mood
This can be done by yourself.Taking a bath is a great opportunity to improve your mood.A woman looks beautiful when lying in a warm bath, wrapped flakes pleasant smelling foam when it is in the warm water.If possible, arrange a candlelit gloom with a cocktail or a delicious wine.And it would be better to invite his favorite to accompany you.

Self-hypnosis is a condition of work on the beauty of your body and work on myself.Most bedtime, when turned off the overhead light in the room, or limited light from the moon or lantern, admire in the mirror of your body.Under such conditions, a woman, even with flaws in the figure, is much better.The good effect gives the candles at them you can feel just a beauty.

In conclusion, how to lose weight without dieting exhausting, we can say that all women are worthy of beauty and delight.But few people are willing to make some effort, many are hoping for instant effects.And we need a permanent effect.Anything does not deny, eat any food, but the correct accents.And when you come to the fact that your weight will stay in one spot, you feel great, attracting the female envious glances and admiring male glances.

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