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Diet for a good voice for vocalists

teachers, actors, lawyers, speakers and, of course, the vocalists.

vocal cords are very tender and vulnerable.They need constant attention and care.Even in ordinary everyday life of people not related to the "voice" professions often arise diseases causing disturbances voice functions.It diseases such as SARS, rhinitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, otitis media and others.As for those who have to carry heavy loads especially on the vocal apparatus, there is nothing to say.They must be very careful to treat his body to be in shape at all times necessary for professii.V more true to the singer.

Besides all kinds of resources required training and voice training, such as special breathing exercises, work on the correct posture, regular listening to music that helps coordinate the activities of think tanks, it is necessary to observe the correct diet for a good voice for vocalists.

Diet for good voice provides the basic principles that warn against eating too hot, too cold, spicy or salty foods

.Such food can affect the secretion of the stomach and thus provoke irritation in the larynx and pharynx.From this, you may receive a tickle and cough.

for vocalists not desirable eating sunflower seeds, chocolate and fizzy drinks.Detrimental to the ligaments alcohol and smoking, which can provoke not just the loss of the possibility of doing things you love, but also the acquisition of such a gloomy and intractable diseases such as cancer.History knows many examples of the tragic loss of health professional singers because of the abuse of alcohol and nicotine.

However, if you follow preventive measures, they will help to keep his voice resonant and strong for years to come.Even in old age voice can sound almost as clear and deep as in his youth.

By and large diet for good voice for the singers is very simple.

Experts recommend eating foods that warn against a set of excess weight, but at the same time allow the body to be constantly on our toes.

If boiled eat meat, fish, eggs in moderation, buckwheat and rice, vegetables, fruits, you can be sure that it will be a good prevention for harmony and chords will protect against irritation.

sufficient amount of protein in the diet is needed.As they say themselves professional vocalists, namely the muscles are actively involved in the extraction of sounds.And you need to feed the muscles.Professionals experienced firsthand that all sorts of diets for weight loss are often depleted not only proteins, but also vitamins.If the damage to the right hormonal exchange of priority is given to a beautiful slim figure, it will certainly affect the voice.

Labour singer equated to miners.So it is understandable how important to follow a balanced diet singers in particular.

good reinforcements shortly before the speech is considered buckwheat porridge with chicken.Chicken protein nourish and buckwheat - a good remedy for sipoty.

many disputes singers is the way warming ligament.This coffee with a small amount of brandy.According to the observations of those who use this recipe, its effect lasts for about 30 minutes, not more.Still, it's important to be responsible when performance and ligaments are ready enough.

There are diverging views on cognac in the diet for vocalists.

When brandy is used as a warming agent for voice instead of the correct rendition of singing, it takes the effect, as mentioned above, not for long.And, besides, the right breathing while performing starts failing and can not go on for several hours due to the negative effects of alcohol.This happens because the first binder softened by exposure to brandy, but then the voice goes down, as the process is reversed, and the vessels are narrowed in bunches.

Diet for vocalists provides such an important aspect as the meal.In particular, it is not recommended there in less than 2-3 hours before the operation, if have to sing.The food will put pressure on the diaphragm.This will affect the quality of the performance, because it violates the right breathing and deprive the feeling of comfort.

Professional singing teacher advised his pupils is almost everything, but little by little.Also, you need a good rest, some sleep.

Voice is very fond of, and reward good sound.

Caution should be treated to all sorts of advice from people knew nothing about the specific issues of treatment of the vocal apparatus.It happens that the disease ARI vocalists get tips from the traditional medicine of how to treat the throat.Grandmothers and Mammy advised to use for this purpose milk with honey and gargle soda solution.Doing this is impossible, because the honey bunch of envelopes, and soda is an irritant.

the singer is such a thing - "diet vocal."In this case, it is not

nutrition as such, but about the right mode of voice loads.Here there are tips, not recommended place for training room full of furniture.It mutes the speakers and allows the executor to estimate the height, strength and quality of their sound.It should be a time limit for employment - from 30 to 40 minutes a day, as well as the intensity of the stress on ligaments, not allowing to sing too loudly.Such a diet for the vocalist also provides a complete rejection within a week or two to sing anything at all, except for the special exercise.

Thus, singers, respected in all aspects of the diet for a good voice for vocalists can be confident in their professional skills, and as a consequence, the success of the public.

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