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Express diet is to lose weight for the New Year

We made a selection of Express Diets for the New Year.And every woman will find among these diets, diet according to his ability and soul.

Diet Larisa Dolina
This low-calorie diet designed for a week.It helps to remain cheerful, energetic, mobile and thanks to it, you lose a few extra kilos.

the first day eat 5 potatoes boiled in their skins, drink 400 ml of yogurt.
second day 2 cups of yogurt, 1 cup sour cream.
the third day eat 400 ml of yogurt and 200 g fat-free yogurt.
the fourth day - 500 grams of boiled chicken without salt and 400 ml of yogurt.
On the fifth day - the choice of 300 grams of prunes, ½ kilo of carrots, a kilogram of apples and 400 ml of yogurt.
the sixth day drink a liter of yogurt.In
7 day drink a liter of non-carbonated mineral water.

These products are distributed evenly across the day.Last food intake should be no later than 18 .00.Before the meal you should drink 50 ml of infusion (calendula, chamomile, St. John's wort), morning brew 200 ml of water, take one packet of h

erbs.Before diet arrange discharge day (water, milk, tea or yogurt).During the diet every day to clean the bowel.As a result, you will lose up to seven kilograms.

How to lose weight for the New Year?
Diet mannequins .It
hungry enough and severe diet only three days.A set of products rather meager, and only increases hunger.This is perfect to banish extra weight for the New Year.

Menu: eat an egg for breakfast, cooked boiled.After 3 hours to eat 175 grams of cottage cheese, tea without sugar.It is necessary for the day to drink at least half liters of still water.This menu must adhere to three days, without changing the number of products or the reception or composition.It is forbidden to eat sugar, and salt.Late meal prohibited.

With extreme caution should be observed that the diet for kidney, gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system.To prevent excess weight repeat this diet not earlier than in a month.

chocolate diet .It
express diet for the New Year gift to lovers of coffee and sweet, who can not live without a cup of coffee in the morning and without chocolate bars.This rigid diet and it is not easy as it seems at first glance to endure.It gives visible and a good result, up to 6 kg.The course of the seven days of application.

for chocolate diet: Take a daily norm of 100 grams of dark chocolate and divide it into three portions.Three hours after administration of chocolate, it is necessary to drink 200 ml of coffee with milk and sugar.These products must be present in the menu is not more than 7 days.For seven days, you can get rid of 6 kg.
With special care to apply this diet in diseases of the liver, and it is better to abstain from this diet.

Actor diet.

dancers and dancers successfully used this diet before the performance.For them it is a quick and effective way to lose weight.This rapid diet for the New Year lasts only 4 days.It is easy to remember and very simple.

diet menu: 1 - the day of the tomato juice, salt and cooked rice, all eat and drink in unlimited quantities.

2 - day: yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese in unlimited quantities.

3 - Day: white boiled meat (turkey, chicken) and green tea.

4 - day cheese varieties and dry red wine.On this day, it is not recommended to drink, because alcohol is water retention in the body.During the diet should not go hungry, and when you feel hungry, you eat.Wine is needed to fly the Chilean or French, and be sure of good quality.It can only fulfill its intended purpose, namely, cleansing the blood.And the result will be a thin waist and minus 3 kilograms.

Express diet , it is a combination of 4-fasting days.This diet is satisfying and sometimes not at all boring.
1 - day - cleaning.Need to drink no more than one and a half liters of fresh vegetable and fruit juices without sugar, water, and green tea without restrictions.It should start the day with a glass of carrot and beet juice, it stimulates the bowels and gives energy.And then you can connect your imagination, experiment and mix the juices of fruits and vegetables.

2 - day kefir, cottage cheese.Take a half-liter of nonfat yogurt and ½ kilo of fat-free yogurt and divide it all on 5 receptions, accept every two hours.An hour after a meal to drink a glass of green tea or plain water.

3 - day - salad.On this day, we eat half a kilogram of lettuce - green leafy vegetables and 2 tablespoons.tablespoons olive oil.

4 - day - final.Drink fresh juices.As a result, you lose weight by 3 kilograms.

Observe express diet for the New Year should be no more than 2 times per year and no longer than the specified terms.Otherwise, you break your metabolism and get exhaustion.While these diets need to take vitamin supplements.And at the end of the express diet should return to moderate and nutritious food.Or your hungry all efforts fail.In diseases of the gallbladder, liver, kidneys, intestines, stomach, diabetes refrain from dieting for the New Year.We wish you in the New Year shine with a charming smile, with a healthy glow and a thin waist, and that all your plans come true.