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How to lose weight without much effort?

1. Start keeping a diary of your food
wrote in his diary, all that eat.We do not even suspect how much we consume unnecessary calories is not going to pay close attention to yourself.Blog - the best way to be able to ensure that the planned program was a success.Do not throw the diary, until we see that we feel confident in his new, the path of life.

2. Analyze
Think about your eating habits we want to change, and that hinder us.First of all, we think about what they are called.After shopping people often hide their true any problems.We are drawn for the second portion of the cheeseburger that makes us do this?The apartment, which has not been renovated, tiresome job, a boyfriend who does not show sufficient attention to you, nagging boss?Take simply change their boyfriend, paint the walls in the living room orange, find another job.After all, you should always change something in their lives.

3. Do not feel sorry for yourself
necessary that this pity does not prevent us in our future lives.I
t would be best if we send it to another channel.We do not thick chocolate, which we pamper yourself, after your friend has not called.And even those poltorta that you ate with his girlfriend when a friend is still called.These are our eating habits.To become a vigorous and coherent and remain so, you need to change these habits, and forever.

you pity yourself when you use vanilla ice cream or chocolate?But does a woman like you should not deserve admiring glances of men, because women tend to only envy.Suit various options, go to the disco and her younger sister off, put on a short skirt, which you've been dreaming, bring to mind your favorite stunning striptease.After so many opportunities pass you by.

4. have information
Lose Weight with the mind, we do not rely on the opinion of many experts, who point out that we need to have, and at what time.Learn how to operate your body that need it, and learn how to provide him with all necessary.And then he will thank us Sea energy beautiful pair of slender legs and a flat tummy.We must learn to confidently navigate the sea of ​​hypoglycemic index, physical activity, centimeters and calories.All this takes time, of course, but because you want to be slim now.Then take adopt such basic knowledge:

- All that we eat roughly divided into carbohydrates, fats and proteins.Imagine what constitutes our diet every day.To do this, draw a triangle on a white sheet of paper and call its angles batteries.One corner of the sign 10-15% - it will be for fat, 30-35% will be for protein and 60-65% for carbohydrates do.Now we will try to carefully read the labels on all products.

- We know about what calories.With these terms, we assess products and divide them into good and bad.It's very simple calorie, but rather to say kilocalorie is the energy that must be expended to heat one liter of water by one degree Celsius.

But to get rid of 1 kilogram of fat we need to burn 7,000 calories. If you have 10 kg of extra weight, then you need to burn 70,000, this energy must be expended to reach on foot from Samara to St. Petersburg.Apart from the rest of the way and eat, and if we take into account and this is the way we have to finish in Novosibirsk.So drop the idea and will not severely restrict your diet calorie, we just need to adhere to standards for drop weight 1500 or 1800 kcal., A day, or 2,000 kcal. In order to maintain your weight.

products from refined flour, sugar, pies grandmother and your favorite cakes, of course delicious things.It will change shelochnaya acid environment of the intestine, as a result you will increasingly draw on these products.And then there will be the extra calories and extra weight in different places imaginable.

limit the consumption of such products, and in two weeks we will see the people around us visible results.Stomach - organ of our body, we are working on it to make some experiments, we fill it is not always useful food.Poor guy actually need is not so much, it's every four hours, a piece of healthy food.You need to eat at least three times a day, and ideally from 5 to 6 times a day.If we do long breaks, then our body will regard it all hunger and eaten after the break, will lay in store.

naturally want to wear this miniskirt weekend.Or buy something trendy favorite brand of the new summer collection.All this is so tempting that we are willing to starve for weeks, as soon as possible to achieve their goals.

But be careful, because, losing more than a pound or kilogram of weight in a week, we will lose their muscle tissue.Weight muscles recover after a diet from fat, because the body will dial it easier than muscle gain.And then it is a pity to lose muscle tissue, because it helps to make the body fit and beautiful, burn calories.Do not put yourself above the clouds purposes.The stable will be the result, which we will come confident, but in small steps.

5. develop an action plan
Take a blank sheet of paper.Look at him, because, though he is white?Imagine that list is our food habits that we have.We will write that see fit, erase that prevented us from anything, there is no excess.On a sheet write three columns.In the resulting columns places a, the approximate time between meals.Scroll through all the different situations (lunch mom, dinner at a restaurant with your favorite, Friday gatherings with friends), and the amount that you can afford to eat.

6. We believe
Learn how many calories those foods that we eat.Every day we look at the diary and its digital summing up the day.If we keep within the required amount, praise yourself and go to the next step 7. If you do not fit, I thought that was the reason for this failure and try to avoid a repeat of this situation in the future.For example, if a very hearty dinner was preceded by a hungry day at work, tomorrow we take something with you to work.You can control the power.

7. Play

's not an easy thing to give up bad habits.Giving gifts to yourself.If the day is lived correctly, for each correct idea of ​​the goal achieved for correctly passing day.Consider how all of this will happen, we will not give up until you get the desired.

8. Moving
success of the diet, as we would not have thought it, and whatever it may be, will depend on the 30%, as well as on how active you are during the day.We find the sport that we like, we go for a walk, have sex, move more important.

9. Make a measurement
once a week, preferably in the morning to weigh, measure the hips, waist and chest.Do not focus on weight indices, because you can look very different, with the same weight.You can also have a smaller size at a higher weight than it was before.This can be explained simply, muscle mass weighs more than the fat and takes up less volume.

10. monitor the speed
to realize that our body needs food intake, you need about 20 minutes not in a hurry, eat slowly, and if we can not, turn your attention to kissing a boyfriend.And in the end, he has to help you.

11. Size matters too
We follow the portions, it is better to eat more often but smaller portions should be.As for the size of the plates, if we at least a third, to reduce our dinners, breakfasts and lunches, without making any changes, we are guaranteed to start losing weight.

12. Drink
Of course, all of the same eight glasses of water a day.To get rid of excess centimeters, this will help us to water.It frees our body from decay products of fat cells will charge us with energy, give us a feeling of satiety between meals.Also, we can sing, for the prevention of mood.It will be useful to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

13. Do not do it all at once
This will lead to disappointment.Teach your body to live in a new way.Look carefully at the drawing up of plans and noted the important changes from which we start.If what is written on paper becomes our habit, set ourselves a new goal, it does not forget about the item 7.

let yourself in tiny quantities favorite hazard.Then we will not have the feeling that we are depriving ourselves and enjoy the best in life.After eating, we should not forget about one of the greatest pleasures of life.

14. Introducing
every day thinking about what an amazing life, year, summer ahead of us.Let us remember all the details of how we lived before made its program and submit a new life with a new.All items prorisuem memory that eat for breakfast, what we dress, how we react to the surrounding.We are engaged in this exercise every day, and many times it will increase our chances of success.

15. Love
himself, every curve of her body, and each of his cell.Look at yourself in the mirror more often.We think that does for us each day our body and to thank him.Who can love us so much?If you be honest with yourself, that is the most important one step further.We have to believe in yourself and then all must come out.Let us not blame yourself.After all, knowledge of the food are not innate.Let us remember what we have achieved in my life, because it was a way to not be so easy.Nothing is impossible, but when a person has a purpose in life, then there is no obstacle to the achievement of their goals.And then we can soon put that wonderful skirt.

Now we know how to lose weight without any special effort.One need only go to their intended purpose, and to do everything to achieve this goal, and we will succeed.