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How to get yourself on a diet

at the store, was skeptical having taken us from head to toe, a vendor delivers the XL, the husband suddenly spent on the street look very young slender girl.Looking at a glittering stage, screen and just cruising the streets of beautiful women, we are skeptical gaze at her own reflection and arrow scales.And decides everything!It's time to go on a diet!

Monday.Melancholy chew green salad.On offer friends a snack in the cafe pointedly sigh, hinting on a diet.Resistant to compress the teeth, looking like devours homemade sweets ... A couple of days-C grade, perhaps you decide that it is not all that bad, and your husband tell you he likes as it is and you will again be there.

But if you're really determined to force myself to sit on a diet, you decide to start, why you need it.Proper motivation - half the battle.

Health. Not the most popular reason to lose weight, and yet your heart, spine and stomach will be thankful if you help them work and yourself - life.In some diseases, obesity can be simply d

evastating, and the benefits of fat mass is not out of the question for anyone.Want to live longer, breathe better, move more freely, fresher look - start to follow the diet!

Beauty .Oh, this terrible force poor women requires more and more victims.Slender legs, wasp waist, luminous skin, taut belly - who from the fair sex does not dream about a beautiful figure.Down with extra fat!Just do not forget, before wondering how to force yourself to go on a diet - that health is always the first place!For someone weedy figure Keira Knightley achieved starvation and questionable methods to preserve the beauty of a very short and uncertain time.Your goal - to preserve and ennoble everything that nature has awarded you, not in a war with their own genetics to risk of bulimia.

Love .It is no secret that the attention of men (and especially a loved one) - is the most powerful motive to make yourself go on a diet.Even his assurances that he likes girls with such forms is like you, it does not prevent you tighten the muscles to relax and hit it with a new swimsuit.

Fashion .Fashion changeable and unstable, but often very demanding.Gorgeous model loses its charm in the figures are far from ideal.How nice to dress a chic new dress!Indulge in a new dress size or two smaller, all in your hands.

So, determine the purpose.Do not try to take the Everest.Put yourself for a very specific purpose, even if small, three, five, ten kilograms.Buy a new dress, jeans, shirt size smaller, hang on the most prominent place in the closet and try on periodically.

Aim for the long and painstaking work with them.Quick success quickly will disappoint you.Choose a light diet, allowing lose weight gradually but steadily.You may need a month, but can - and two more.But your goal is not just to get into a wedding dress to show off or a week at the resort.We need a strong result - a healthy and beautiful body.No compromises, and sprints.Go on a diet - not easier than to besiege an enemy city.And you have to come out the winner!It is better to slowly and surely, but come to their goals without fail.

Choose a diet according to their financial capacity, taste preferences and health.The main principle of choice, before bring himself to go on a diet - not delight girlfriends and another fashionable trend, and your informed decision on the degree of usefulness.For a person with active exchange processes, for example, it is better to dine polvosmogo and calm sleep with a light stomach, than be tormented by hunger and temptation, thinking - not "after six."It is very important not just to force myself to go on a diet, and dieting correctly.Only in this way you are guaranteed the desired result, not a quarrel with her husband because of the constant irritation from yogurt and potatoes.

Do not forget that diet alone does not guarantee a sparkling beauty.Diet - to be part of the overall offensive plan.Run in the morning, go up the stairs on foot, go dancing, swim in the pool, doing exercises - choose what you like, but remember, without traffic diet depletes the body and not the muscle tightens.You will lose weight, but your eyes and the hair does not shine, the gait becomes easier, and health - stronger.You can even dance with a vacuum cleaner in hand, only to force yourself to move, walk and breathe fresh air.

And remember again that health - first and foremost.In many cases, a healthy balanced diet by itself can lead you back to normal.Eat at a certain time, do not snack, do not buy fast food, replace mayonnaise in salads, apple cider vinegar, drink tea without sugar, give up fresh bread, as much as possible, replace fried boiled - and very soon you will feel better, more confident and cheerful.A healthy diet will soon get into the habit.

Write a plan and stick it on the refrigerator.Draw a graph, note each week dropped the volume and weight.Glue the magnet on the refrigerator: "Enough to eat!".Hang in a conspicuous place a new outfit.In severe cases, it can be put in the freezer and a piece of bacon every morning looking at him thinking that he - it's you.Share your victories in the diary and note the most important: the right diet - it's such a diet that gives you pleasure to feel active, cheerful and easy.And you're right - it is such a you that enjoys life, self-confidence, the enemy does not give up and never lose heart!