Fashion trends Autumn-Winter 2014/15 with BIZZARRO

For some autumn - is longing for the departed summer, cold weather and shapeless clothes, and for women in style BIZZARRO - a new fashion season, occasion and time to update your wardrobe shine in fashionable clothes.Of course, a truly stylish girl always wants to combine fashion trends, comfort and practicality.We have good news for you - this season friends these concepts in the collection BIZZARRO, and no longer need to choose between comfort and beauty.

So, we offer fashion trends Autumn-Winter 2014/15?

Thing essentials in the autumn wardrobe of any fashionista - coat.Russian Autumn very long happy warm, so warm coat quality - is the subject of the necessity, without which it is very difficult to do.You can choose the right style to almost any style: it can be a simple, classic and soft "bathrobe" with a belt, ostromodnye oversayz - for every taste and color.BIZZARRO offers options before which is difficult to resist - coat straight cut that perfectly underline the fragility of its owner;classi

cal form-fitting models - a sample of femininity and tenderness;strict shortened reflect restrained owner - the new collection BIZZARRO can find a style to suit every taste and size.

trouser suits this season are particularly relevant - no matter whether you work in an office or a dress code you walked side, perfectly sitting trousers and jacket must always be in the locker room.It is a combination that will gain almost any time.Trousers in the new collection of two BIZZARRO just something without which you can not do this fall - discreet shades of gray represent the timeless classics that always current.

new trend of the season, which threatens to remain in our closets for a long time - vests.The universal thing that can be combined with almost any subject of your wardrobe.Vest can transform your outfit in seconds.There are plenty to choose - the classic, warm, silk and even fur jackets this fall at the peak of popularity.

color - what awaits us in the new season?

Cold - not an excuse to part with your favorite soft shades, especially pastel that successfully moved to the new season and is not going to take positions.Dresses, blouses, outerwear, and even shoes -priglushennye pink, blue, peach tones in autumn relevant than ever, among the new products can be found BIZZARRO stunning blouses pastel shades, classic shirts and delicate dresses.

Bright fashion trend autumn 2014 - red.He does not need additional accessories, complex cut, extravagant material, it can be safely combined with contrasting black or do the only accent in the dress.BIZZARRO is an excellent example of red - a simple cut dress knee-length eye-catching looks bright, but not provocatively.

Indian summer, golden autumn - expected, but no less interesting trend.Designers pleased to choose for their withering foliage color patterns, shades of brown, gold, burgundy.The new collection BIZZARRO these reasons resonate in dresses and classic style of the original figure, which compensates for discreet shades.Blouses and turtlenecks rich wine color - is also a great example of the actual motives of the new collection.

combination of comfort, convenience and fashion trends now become a reality.Find yourself in the new fashion trends is a snap - the autumn-winter collection BIZZARRO happy to help you with this!

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