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How to start losing weight

So where do you start?If you've tried short strict diet, you probably have seen in my experience, that observe them from start to finish is very difficult, and at the end of the diet all worked so hard discarded, kilograms return.It's easily explained by the physiology of the body - stress associated with a sharp change in the diet causes a change in our metabolism, it slows down, and when returning to the usual for us food, our body begins to stock calories for the future.

To prevent this, nutritionists advise to change dietary habits gradually, do not deprive yourself of useful products such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, cheese, whole grain bread, eggs, honey, meat, cheese.Drink plenty of fluids, especially water, at least 1.5 liters per day.It is best if you start your day with a glass of clean water for 20 minutes before breakfast.During the day, carry a bottle of water and drink in small sips.

The most important point in losing weight - this is the appropriate attitude, motivation

.With the right motivation, you will not feel the pain of what lack servings of chocolate or ice cream, you just will not want the most is to eat.Motivate yourself will help us a food diary in which you write down everything eaten per day;scales for measuring results;relevant pictures on the refrigerator;participate in online communities such as losing weight, just like you.Your personal motivation can be anything, maybe it will be bought new jeans or dress size smaller.

Remember Movement - that's life, and even if you have significantly reduced the amount and caloric intake, but continued to spend all his free time sitting on the couch watching television or a computer, the result is not what you want to.Accustom themselves to regular physical exercise, even just walking briskly for 30 minutes a day will do the trick.

Girl '24 writes: I have always eaten much like, very thin, was not, but was slender and taut, my weight kept on the same spot, at the same time I was studying in the institute and worked, came home in the evening.And then graduated from university, found a job at a computer at home, I did not go anywhere, then store and the weight crept up very quickly, in six months I gained 8 kg!I sat on a diet for a couple of day to eat fruit, a small piece of meat, a salad, but the weight is not reduced.While I have not changed a sedentary lifestyle, no diets do not help me!

best way to discipline yourself and get regular exercise - is sign up for fitness (dancing, shaping, Bodyflex, yoga you prefer) and pay for classes a month in advance.You will be sorry for the money spent and you'll attend classes regularly.At home you can do as effectively as in sports clubs, especially in the Internet there are a lot of video with a set of exercises, lessons on different types of dance, yoga, etc.But if you know that your willpower will be enough for a maximum of 3 days of home training, it's best to take the time and money and join a fitness center.

If you hang mode proper nutrition and regular exercise at least one month, it will go into your normal life, you will easily follow the rules of harmony, and your new body postroynevshee will give you strength and energy forces move on.There is nothing sweeter than to feel beautiful and graceful!